Winter Jewelry Trends!!!!

I loved exploring and playing in my mom’s jewelry box as a kid and I still love accessories. There are a lot of fun accessory trends that have surfaced for early 2021 and here they are!!! Chain earrings: 2. Gold and Pearls Combined: 3. Stars: 4. Flowers: 5. Charm Bracelet: 6. Statement Choker: My motto […]

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Current Jewelry Trends…..

I think accessories can make a whole inexpensive outfit look put together. If you have on jeans and a white tank top, a great necklace and earrings can pull your look together. Ok so here is my list of what is trending in the jewelry world currently as we enter the Spring season.   Tortoise […]

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Accessory Trends for Fall…

Most ladies love accessories….like a new, layered necklace can make an old outfit look brand new. Here is what is trending in the accessory world this season.   Chain jewelry: the thicker the chain…the better peeps…so if you were someone that had all the Tiffany and Co. bracelets and necklaces and saved them…..pull them out! […]

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