Accessory Trends for Fall…

Most ladies love accessories….like a new, layered necklace can make an old outfit look brand new. Here is what is trending in the accessory world this season.


  1. Chain jewelry: the thicker the chain…the better peeps…so if you were someone that had all the Tiffany and Co. bracelets and necklaces and saved them…..pull them out! They are back!


2. Vintage scarves: These can be tied in the hair, around the neck, or worn as a belt.


3. 1980s earrings: Yup…the bigger and tackier the more on trend you will be!


Love all of the accessories from Heart and Sole in the North End.


4. Thick headbands:



My best friend found one for me in my fave color!



5. Initial/name jewelry: Rock yourself! (or someone who is important to you)


6. Scrunchies: They have been back and they are sticking around!


Happy accessory shopping!