My Style Hacks!!!

I get tons of messages from people asking me if I have any special style or fashion hacks….or even any tricks up my sleeve. I thought about it over the last few weeks and here is what I have come up with for my list of “go to” tips!


  1. A designer bag or belt will always make a $5 t-shirt look like a million bucks. I actually think I have said this for the past 20 years to my girlfriends.



2. Break in your new jeans at home by wearing them around the house 2-3 times for about 30 minutes or so.




3. A little moisturizer on a q-tip gets out scratches on your leather bags.



4. Lemon juice takes out yellow, sweat stains on white tanks, tops, and sports bras.



5. All black outfits with splashes of leopard works for any age, any season, and any occasion….day or night.




6. When you want to be comfy…or are traveling…go with joggers. They are more on trend then a pair of black leggings, and they look great with flats, sneakers, flip flops, heels, and booties.




7. When you do not have time to wash your hair or style your hair, go with a low pony. You will always look put together.



8. Diamond earrings always work as an accessory no matter what you have on. When I travel, this is all I wear so I do not have to worry about packing various earrings. Studs and hoops are my faves.



9. Always pack a nude color bra. It goes under all your tops.



10. Always pack leather leggings. They do not wrinkle. They also can be worn day or night….casual or dressy. Express stores and Spanx make my favorite leather leggings.



11. Clear nail polish stops runs in tights and panty hose.



12. Micellar water takes out makeup stains from any clothing item. Put a little on a face cloth and you are good to go.




13. Red lipstick makes you look awake. If you have no time to put on makeup, a little mascara, concealer, and red lipstick makes you look like you spent hours on your face.



14. Invest in a pair of classic black heels that are comfortable. You need them for life…..for work…for funerals….for weddings….with jeans…trust me….find a heel height that works for you….and buy them!




So hope you liked my hacks and some of them make your life a little easier!!!