Hot Pink is Hot…especially in summer!

I get many questions asking me about how to wear certain colors….one of these colors is often hot pink….especially during the summer months…I mean some people are “hot pink” people and wear this color year round….but some people only wear it a few months a year….I tend to wear this in spring and summer….Ok so here are my recommendations for combinations that pair up nicely with hot pink.

  1. Hot Pink and White:


2. Hot Pink Everything….if you read my blogs often then you know I always say you can NEVER go wrong with wearing a monochromatic color…ALWAYS slimming…no matter what the color is!



3. Hot Pink and Turquoise Pops…Nothing screams summer more than aqua blue and hot pink….Two opposite colors that attract together like a perfect couple! Also, adding a pop of turquoise makes hot pink very wearable for someone who has red in their hair.


I do a ton of this combo lately…..

4. Hot Pink and Leopard Pop:


5. Hot Pink with Yellow…The 2 It colors….and another “unexpected” partnership:


6. Hot Pink and Denim….Denim goes with everything let’s face it!


7. Hot Pink and Stripes…..a classic print with a sassy color!


This has been my favorite way to add splashes of pink to my wardrobe. I actually bought a pair of hot pink stilettos from the brand “Dream Pairs” so I can match up hot pink with all of these combinations for an inexpensive cost 🙂



If you need assistance with your hot pink…or any other color for that matter….reach out!!