Summer Hairstyles!

Ok….so I am loving all of the hairstyle trends that have recently surfaced…or resurfaced I should say….anyways….I am loving them all so much that I have decided to share them all with you in an article…..and the BEST part is….they are all SUPER EASY!

  1. Sleek, low ponytail…this literally looks great on women of all ages, colors, sizes, hair textures, etc…it is easy to do…takes about a minute….and is perfect for those days that you do not have time to wash your hair or when the weather is not cooperating.



I rock this look many days…..usually after a workout when I am running errands or in “mom mode” at my son’s activities.



2. Beach waves….If you have wavy hair you are lucky because this is your natural hair texture and easy to do.



However, if you have straight hair like I do, there are two ways to accomplish this look. One way is to wash your hair before bedtime and spray your wet hair with a sea salt spray. Wrap it in a few buns or braid it and go to sleep. When you wake up, you will be full of waves!



3. Double “boxer” braids….I just learned that the updated way to describe this hairstyle is actually to say “boxer” braids….anyways…I love them….great for hot days…they stay in your hair overnight without loosening if you sleep with them wrapped in a silk or satin scarf.



Honestly, when I wore my hair like this recently, so many people commented on how youthful they made me look. (win win)…My good friend’s teenage daughter braids my hair all the time and is amazing at it so if you live within 30 minutes of the Boston area I am sure she would gladly braid your hair!



Braids also work on all hair textures, as well as both thick or thin hair strands.


4. Head scarves/wraps…These have made a comeback and I could not be happier. They are a fun way to accesorise your outfit, while keeping your hair out of your face on days you just can not even deal with it another second!




Loving anything with a tropical print lately….imagine I found this head scarf at the Dollar Store!!!! Yup it was $1!!!!



Here is a cool chart I found on various ways to tie them.



5. Colored Hair….this is not for me per se but to each his own…..any color goes really!!! So if you feel like rocking blue or pink hair…go for it…because you will be on trend!



6. Half up and half down bun…..Buns have always been a classic hairstyle, but the modern update involves wearing your hair half up with a small bun on the top….loving it….and it is so much easier than dealing with putting your whole head in a bun, especially if you have thick hair.



This type of bun also makes you look younger….just sayin ladies…..


Hopefully this article has inspired you to try something new with your hair this summer…you would be surprised how sometimes a small hair tweak can uplift your mood for the whole day!!