Fall Hair Trends…

Every season I get multiple requests for hairstyle trends……so here is Fall 2020!!!! Side Parts: 2. Bobs: 3. Sheer bows: 4. Loose waves: 5. Embellished headbands: Check out this gorgeous head band from Soigne Hats. (@soignehats on insta) The accessories there are amazing. 6. Dual-textured pony tails: 7. Caramel highlights: 8. Choppy bangs: 9. Extra […]

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Summer Hairstyle Trends:

So many of us are excited to be able to go back to the salon to see our favorite hairdressers that we are ready to try some new hair trends for this summer. Here is what is trending lately.   Face framing braids:   2. Bandanas/Scarves:   3. Dark roots:   4. Short Bob:   […]

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Winter “Party” Hair:

You know how it goes…..you have an event….you get the shoes and the outfit….and then you think….”What am I going to do with my hair?” Here are my latest picks….that are actually simple enough to replicate at home without having to go to a salon!   Side ponytail with curls:   2. Buns/Top Knots:   […]

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Summer Hairstyles!

Ok….so I am loving all of the hairstyle trends that have recently surfaced…or resurfaced I should say….anyways….I am loving them all so much that I have decided to share them all with you in an article…..and the BEST part is….they are all SUPER EASY! Sleek, low ponytail…this literally looks great on women of all ages, […]

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