How To Prevent Winter Hat Head….

It’s cold out…..and to be honest who doesn’t love a cute winter hat that keeps you warm? The problem can be that it causes major hat head, which can be a pain if you do not feel like washing your hair. What to do to prevent this? Well, I am gonna tell ya….

  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry before putting on the heat. Wet hair drying under a hat will just flatten immediately.

2. Use volume mousse on damp hair in winter. This will keep your hair full of bounce and volume, even under a hat, until your next wash.

3. Wear cotton hats as they tend to cause less static.

4. Spray dry shampoo when taking the hat off. If you flip your hair over and spray some dry shampoo, it instantly revives your hair.

5. Wear a sleek, side pony under the hat because when you take off your hat, your hair will still be in a sleek, side pony.

Hope this was helpful! If you would like to order a custom winter hat, please reach out to me. All ideas welcome!