Ice, Ice Baby…..Blue

I love wearing blue in the winter. First of all, it is a universal flattering color. Second, I just associate blue with snow and cold months…..maybe it is because they always show the color blue on a thermometer to indicate cold weather…..who knows? Anyways, here are some of my favorite “blue” outfits for winter time. […]

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Winter OOTN….

I love winter clothes….I know….I know…but I do…..I love the faux fur and the high boots etc. However, it can be challenging to find outfits for winter date nights or nights out because let’s face it….you have to be practical and be warm too. Here are my picks for Winter 2023 for trendy, cold weather […]

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Winter Date Night Outfits….

Date night outfits tend to be easier to think about in summer because you can just throw on a dress and voila….done! Winter date night outfits don’t have to be boring though! Just take a look at the choices below: Leather midi skirt: 2. Cut out turtlenecks: 3. Leather pants: 4. Sweater and skirt: 5. […]

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Winter Accessory Trends

Hello Winter! Hello cold and snowy weather! As Aristotle once said “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” To stand out in the cold, we need to add layers to our body to keep warm. One fun way to add layers is with winter accessories. Here […]

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Winter Style Essentials….

Everything seems to be on sale lately….which is a great thing! If you are wondering what I think everyone should have in their closet this winter for both practical and stylish reasons, here is my current list. Puffer Coat: (FYI I just scored a neutral colored one at Old Navy for less than $35!) 2. […]

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Cold Weather Chic Looks….

It will be cold for the next few months here….unfortunately….but it is what it is…..I always ask my followers on instagram what they want to see on the blog and I got a ton of requests asking for cold weather outfits that look “put together” but “practical.” Here is what I suggest. Sweat suits that […]

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