Winter Accessory Trends

Hello Winter! Hello cold and snowy weather! As Aristotle once said “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” To stand out in the cold, we need to add layers to our body to keep warm. One fun way to add layers is with winter accessories. Here are my top picks for the latest accessory trends.

Gloves: Leather, in general, is making a huge comeback lately, so it is no wonder why leather gloves are seen in almost every store now. Once considered to be outdated, gloves have had a resurgence in the fashion world. Perhaps people prefer their hands covered lately since the pandemic??? Regardless, leather gloves are considered to be classy chic….and they keep your hands warm too. Bright colored gloves are also becoming trendy for Winter 2022. Many color trends for this winter are bold and bright, and often unexpected for colder months, and it seems to be carrying over with accessories as well. Patchwork and color block coats are quite fashionable now so it makes sense that these trends would transfer over to winter accessories as well.

Pom Pom hats: Winter Hats have exploded on the style scene a few years ago. It actually became trendy to keep the hat on all day long. I found myself buying winter hats that matched my outfits and was actually planning my looks around certain hats! Many of these hats actually come now with detachable pom poms so you can also wear them as a simpler beanie if you prefer that.

Interchangeable Finn Raccoon Pom Pom:

Cross Body Bags: The cross body bag marches on as one of the most popular accessories for all seasons. They are convenient to carry and there are so many options to choose from regarding size, shape, color, or print that there is a cross body bag out there for everyone!

Top Crossbody Bags To Consider For Your Collection - PurseBop

Chains: Belt chains were popularized in the late 1990s and early 2000s. (I remember wearing them to the nightclubs on Saturday nights quite frequently.) Now, belts with chains are not very practical for keeping your pants up, but instead, they are more like jewelry for your waist. Belt chains look best over dresses, skirts or sleek fitting pants with a monochromatic look.

Chain Belt With Interlocking G Charm In Gold-Toned Metal | GUCCI® US

Faux Fur: I also think of winter clothing and fur as one big synonym. They are like the perfect partners in the style scene. There are multiple legislation bans on using real fur, which makes animal-friendly, alternative options more widespread. In fact, the demand for faux fur is so large that everyone from luxury designers to store chains is opting to use it in their merchandise. Faux fur is both celebrity and influencer approved, and it can be found on winter coats, vests, boots, hats, gloves and scarves.

Whatever accessory you choose….stay warm!!!!