Latest Hair and Hair Accessory Trends for ya….

I am loving everything in the hair style world currently!!! Even the accessories!! If you are bored with your current “hair-do”…and you kind of want a slight update…then this is the article you should be reading peeps!!!

  1. Ponytails: I love these…it is like an instant face lift!


2. Headbands with Bows:


My bestie found me one!



3. Designer Hats:


4. Bucket Hats:



5. Stick Straight:





6. Perms:


7. Blunt Bobs:


8. Half up/half Down (with volume):



9. Hair Pins:


And for the Bold……Lilac/grey hair…..not for me per se….but if you like funky colors then this is it…..



Hope this inspired you to try a little something different with your hair looks!!!