The “Paper-Bag” Waist….is Big….

I know you have seen this waist on pants and shorts throughout the stores since the early Spring……and if you do not know what I am talking about I will tell you. The paper bag waist is a scrunchy waist that ties together with a ribbon or belt. Although the waist looks like a paper bag, they are actually very chic to wear. The waist is flattering on everyone….if you wear the “right” top. I have actually received a lot of questions about what tops to wear with this style waist so I decided to give my readers a list!!

****The one rule you must remember is to think FITTED…..The waist is bunchy enough….and…you want to highlight the cinched waist so you must keep everything else simple.

Here goes:

  1. Fitted T-shirt/tank…I like this option because most of us have a fitted t-shirt in our wardrobes to wear alone or as a layering piece, so this is a perfect way to take something you already have and pair it up with a trendy option.


2. Dressy tank: I love how this looks at night with heels……chic as heck!


3. Crop Top…Yes you CAN rock this look!!! With the waist already cinched AND when you wear a crop top….the eyes are automatically drawn to the skinniest part of a woman’s torso whether you are plus sized or petite.


4. Bodysuit….has the look of a fitted, basic tank BUT it is more comfortable to wear because it does not become untucked AND it is more appropriate for evening events too.


5. Lightweight sweater….This look is great for cooler summer nights and the early fall months.



6. Turtleneck or fitted long sleeve sweater….when thinking ahead to the fall months I already know that this waist is here to stay….For Sept. and Oct. I plan to rock this waist with a pair of shorts and a tight, black turtleneck.



I just bought a great pair from Express. I almost chose black….BUT….I picked a color that can be worn now as well as into the fall. I like to wear mine with a bodysuit.


I also styled someone recently who ROCKED the shorts with a bodysuit as well!!! I mean come on…how HOT does Julie look!!!



If you need help locating a pair of “paper bag” waist pants or shorts, please reach out!!!