What to Wear in the Sweltering Heat…..when you still want to look presentable….

Ok it is “hot time summer in the city”……which is awesome….BUT…..I find it almost easier to look chic in extreme cold temperatures (think fur and boots) than I do when it is 90 degrees outside and humid…..However, I do have some “go to” outfits when the heat is on that allow you to not look like a dog in heat AND allow you to maintain your style.

  1. Rompers…. They are flowy…short…..airy…..one item to put on…..and super on trend!


I just bought a gorgeous summer romper from LIT Boutique in Boston.


2. Mini dress…summer classic……I prefer fit and flare and flowy….it is more universally flattering…


I just got a mini-dress from LIT Boutique.



I also got a cute one from Target…


3. All white everything….monochromatic is slimming….yes even in white….and white is the coolest color you can possible wear in extreme heat…..


4. Paper-bag waist shorts…. we all know shorts make sense in the summer heat, but THE short style to wear is the paper-bag waist. This is universally flattering on everyone as well because the scrunch of the material hits at the slimmest part of the waist.


I love mine from Express!!!


5. Maxi-dress….this offers more coverage and is more comfortable than a mini-dress and a romper. It is also office appropriate.


I recently found one in Macys.



6. Jean shorts and loose white t-shirt….. all women love jeans…and jeans are practical….but jeans are HOT…..and sticky….. jean shorts however…are perfect….and they look cute with a t-shirt and sneakers, as well as with wedge heels for a dressier look.


7. Two- piece outfits…Two piece outfits with pants and skirts are EVERYWHERE……They are trendy and they look amazing for a night out AND they are cool.



My two piece crop top and skirt comes from LIT Boutique.

8. T-shirt dress…..I love these…especially ones with stripes…..and they are great to pack for a vacation to wear alone or over a bathing suit.


I love my striped t-shirt dress from H and M.



***If you need any help locating any of the items in this article please reach out to me!!!!!


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