Spring 2018 Color Combos…..

Spring colors in 2018 in the fashion world are bold, unexpected, and have a late 80s/early 90s feel to them. I am actually loving the combos that are out there right now! Here goes:


  1. Yellow and Light Blue….Yellow is HUGE right now!!!! I actually think pairing it with a powder blue color gives it a great contrast that looks great on all skin tones and hair colors.



2. Red and Pink…I admit…this took some getting used to…even for me! However, I do think it makes a bold statement and is appropriate for a night out.



3. Jade Green and Tan….This combo looks AMAZING on red heads, brunettes, and blondes. It pairs great with gold metallic accessories that are also currently trending. It is also practical for daytime excursions or a day at work.



4. Orchid and White…This color is HOT for Spring 2018!!!! It can be a bit tough to wear and looks best on blondes and brunettes and medium to darker skin tones.



5. Blush Pink and Camo…..Blush hit the fashion world last Spring and is still popular. Pairing such a feminine color with the powerful print of camo brings a sassy/classy feel to any outfit.



6. Mauve and Chocolate Brown….I think many of us think of chocolate brown as a Fall color, however it is in the Pantone Spring 2018 palette. I think matching this up with a mauve works for Spring weather. These are actually two neutral colors that are not as typical as white, black, and grey.



7. Lime Green and Cobalt Blue…..Neons are BACK and BRIGHTER than ever!!! If you are going to wear a bold color like lime green, you might as well “go big or go home” and pair it with a bright blue to really pop!



If you really, really, really prefer to keep your colors more plain and simple, here is the neutral palette recommended for this Spring.



As you can see it consists of browns and greys for the most part.

I also suggest starting small with color combos…For example, I bought these bright yellow earrings to pair with a powder blue blouse….just a touch of a color pop!



***If you want any guidance with finding your perfect color combo for Spring, please contact me!