A hidden gem of a boutique….

I absolutely love working with boutiques. They always have something new and trendy that typical department stores do not have! I recently collaborated with Ensemble Boutique, which is located in the North End of Boston, Mass. Ensemble Boutique is a lifestyle boutique that sells women’s clothing, shoes, gifts, and home furnishings. I honestly fell in love with this store….as did my mother who came on the excursion with me!!!

I will start with the clothes….they have jackets for all ages….I especially loved this denim jacket because graphic jackets are super trendy right now and the added touch of lace ruffles on the bottom was amazing!



I also really liked this dressy skirt paired with a graphic t-shirt. This boutique had a large selection of graphic shirts with catchy slogans. Check out the sunglasses and bangle cuff bracelet that are also available in the store.



Tropical print dress….Perfect for summer…and note the bright clutch to match.


And my favorite…this green peplum top….which of course I took home with me!


Here are some pictures of some other items I found amazing in this boutique….

Tons of jewelry and accessories….


Children’s Decor….


Framed Quotes….




Candles and Fragrance…



A ton of graphic T-shirts…


Wall Art….


Tiny Accessory/Storage boxes…


And seasonal items….



When you are in the North End of Boston, or if you vacation to the Lakes Region in NH (there is another location there), make sure you stop in and check out this boutique. I can not wait to go back! I could have bought bags and bags of items!!!!!! The owner was welcoming and friendly, and her prices were very reasonable. Make sure you mention me when you visit!