Athleisure is Awesome….in All Weather…All Year….

Athletic wear has become more acceptable to wear throughout the day. It is practical and comfortable and you do not have to worry about packing a large gym bag to change. Now, there are a few classes that may be tricky to outlast the day…for example, I need a shower after a spin class so it would be hard for me to look presentable afterwards. However, classes such as Barre, HIIT, TRX, pilates, yoga…..all a “go” for taking the athleisure trend from the gym to the streets. Not to mention the fact that it is perfectly acceptable to just wear athletic wear “just because” or even for a night out….yup really it is…..

Here are some easy ways to rock this trend!!!

  1. Add a scarf….any type of scarf makes any type of outfit look presentable. Add some riding boots or cute flats/sneakers and you are good to go! Also scarves can be worn all year…wear lightweight ones in summer and heavier ones in the colder months.


2. Vest….During Fall and Spring months, as well as mild winter days, put on a vest over your workout clothes. I frequently do this because sometimes I am too hot to put on a big and puffy coat, but yet I need a little something to wear while I am running errands after a class.


3. Flannel Shirt…. These are comfortable….like athletic wear…and cozy…and provide some extra warmth by layering. If you get too hot, just take it off and tie around your waist. This looks great over exercise leggings.



4. Pom Pom or Baseball Hats….Awesome for gym/post workout hair when it is cold out…… baseball hats year round….



5. Jean Jacket…This is my go to post barre or pilates item to put on during the Spring




6. Long sweater….this also works over exercise clothes in the early spring when the weather can change rapidly from hour to hour.


I got my long sweater from Fitness Hub Boston.

7. Track suits….they are BACK!!!!!!! Especially the old skool style. They look great on all ages….from kids to women in their senior years. They are comfortable. You can exercise in them…you can wear them for errands…you can layer a tank top under them.


I recently got Adidas Track pants….(hint…..a kid’s size works awesome on petites)



*** A popular trend is to wear track pants out at night with heels. I love the idea actually…comfort meets chic…..


I recently purchased this pair of floral, track pants at Target!!!!!!!!! Add a white tank top and some heels and you are good to go!!!!



8. Joggers….Joggers feel like sweatpants but are like these amazing pants that look chic with both flip flops and stilettos….If you search my blog you will actually find an article on various ways to style joggers. I actually love joggers as much as I love leggings lately.


Check out this amazing pair of joggers I got at Fitness Hub Boston to wear with my snakeskin heels…. There was no doubt in my mind I was not buying these to wear as a “going out” outfit.


***Another trend is to pair leather jackets with joggers on cooler nights …hence another day to night look….


9. Graphic sweatshirts….Just like graphic t-shirts and tanks have exploded the past few years….now there are graphic sweatshirts everywhere you look. These are great for a casual Saturday afternoon…or after a sweaty spin class to look a tad presentable!!! LOL

I love these two shown below…..


This one comes from Max and Riley in Andover, Mass.


And this one is by Spiritual Gangster, sold at Fitness Hub Boston.

The fact that athletic wear is showing up everywhere goes along with the 80s and 90s revival that is happening in clothing stores everywhere!!!! Embrace it ladies!! Who doesn’t want to look great AND be comfortable!!!!!!! Please contact me if you need assistance with finding athletic wear that suits you.