Why we should dress like the characters in Grease this summer…and NO I AM NOT CRAZY!

So I recently watched the movie Grease with my son, and I fell in love (again) with the clothing the characters wore in the movie. I thought to myself…..”wow….all of these styles are basically trending this summer.” I also thought about how flattering they are on women in general. Here are the outfits I think would look amazing on us ladies this summer!


  1. Belted dress/pencil skirts….Classic style…cinches the waist….. and when you wear this style in all black it is always slimming too….and I love red accessories with all black. 





Here is the modern take on it…..










2. Polka Dots…polka dots are actually a trending print for this summer anyways….. and even the block heel Rizzo wore is back in style!!



Here is the modern take on this …..







3. Yellow…The color yellow was seen throughout the movie in various scenes in both tops and pants….. Yellow has actually exploded in the stores recently and can be found in all types of clothing, as well as shoes and other accessories.







Here is the modern take on yellow….




4. Bomber Jackets….obviously the “Pink Ladies” wore bomber jackets throughout the movie……and bomber jackets became popular last spring….and they are still going strong! I love them in pastel colors or lighter prints for warmer weather days.



The modern take….




5. Fit and Flare Dresses with Tulle….who can forget the dance scene in the movie??




Back at Christmas time I wrote an article about tulle skirts and how universally flattering they are on all body types. I feel the same way about dresses. Whether you are plus size or petite this style will look amazing on you!

Here is the modern take….




6. And now for my fave………… leather pants and off the shoulder tops….sorry but this is just a smoking hot look…period….



And now for the modern take….




I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I really enjoyed writing this article!!!! I also hope it inspired some nostalgia back into your closet 🙂