The Americana Trend….

When New York Fashion Week displayed their Spring style trends, the “Americana” trend was everywhere!!! What exactly is this trend you may ask?? Well, I will tell you.

The Americana trend is a mix of red, white and blue stripes or stars, or any graphic that pays homage to the good old USA. I think one of the reasons this trend has been such a hit is the fact that all Americans, regardless of where you live, what your style preferences are, and what size clothing you wear can relate to these looks because they are universal and recognizable. There is also no such thing as “overkill” when wearing this trend, and you don’t have to worry about if the print mix is right.

From Memorial Day through July 4th, this trend is perfect to wear, although according to trend reports, this look will be popular throughout Summer 2018. As the summer goes on, people can expect to see western styles mixed with American symbols, such as the flag.

Here are some ways to rock this trend!!

  1. Graphic Shirts…..This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobes.







I love Americana tanks paired up with distressed denim shorts.


2. Pick any combo of red/white/blue….Take what you have in your closet…..if you have any blue and white stripes, or red and white stripes items that is a bonus….and mix up your tops with red, white, or blue pants and skirts.





Striped tops are super trendy right now so they make a good investment to match up with your Americana looks, as well as many others.





I have a striped sweater that I wear with a white blazer and red pants.



3. Scarves…..small accessory that ties this entire look together…..





I found mine on Amazon for less than $10!!!



4. Leggings and Sports Bras….take the Americana trend to your workouts this summer!!!!!!





5. Hats….another small accessory that completes the Americana look when paired with items you already own, such as a white tank top and jeans. Hats are also perfect for summer pool and beach days.


6. Sweaters….I love lightweight sweaters matched up with denim shorts on cooler days or for air conditioned places.



7. Dresses or Rompers….one piece…..the whole trend condensed into one…..





8. Bathing Suits…..Americana swimwear started to pop up last summer and it is continuing to be featured in many swim wear lines.





I admit….I bought a Patriotic bikini for my parent’s July 4th party last summer and I am glad I did!!!!!




*** My latest purchases that go along with this trend both come from Target actually!! And they both cost less than $15!!! I love how these two tanks can be worn casually with jean shorts or dressed up with white jeans and heels.





I also bought some paper-bag-waist pants with an Americana theme at Marshalls for $10!!! Super comfy!



If you would like some ideas on how to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe for Summer 2019, please reach out to me and I will find you some Americana looks on a budget!