Bathing Suit Trends for Summer 2018!!!

I can not even tell you how many requests I have gotten for articles about what is trending in swimwear….or questions asking what style bathing suit they should buy….well here goes……And I must say…for once….I actually love all of the bathing suit trends for 2018!! I think all of the styles can be worn on plus sizes, petites, curvy fit, small breasts, and large breasts with some adaptations and styling.

Here is the current trend list!!!

  1. Belted




2. Polka Dots



3. Fruit Prints



4. Sleeved



5. Seer-sucker prints



6. Flutter Sleeves




7. Metallics



8. Nude shades



9. High-waist Bikini




*If you noticed, there are retro vibes in many of the swimwear trends you are seeing in this article….ranging from the 1940’s all the way to the disco eras.


If you are curious to see what I purchased thus far I will share with you…..(yup I tend to be swimwear obsessed because I have a pool and I spend a ton of time in bathing suits during the summertime. Hence, instead of an ootd, some weeks we have more swimsuits of the day…LOL) Anyhow, I love to buy my bathing suits from Target. They have awesome mix and match and trendy pieces that do not break the bank and they actually do hold up for a few summers. If you are small busted like I am, I do suggest buying a black bikini top from Voda Swim that you can mix and match with a variety of bottoms. They have the best bikini tops for A and B cup sizes…ok so I bought this seer sucker print bikini….I do not have this print in my bathing suit collection and it fits in so nicely with the “Americana” theme that is currently trending.



And I also bought a pair of high-waist, black bikini bottoms. I love how this pair has the mesh on top.




I know bathing suits can be hard to find, but please do not keep recycling the same swimsuit you have worn for 7 years that is falling apart at the seams…I will gladly help you find a few suits that are “suiting” on you 🙂