Spring Capsule Wardrobes….

I get a ton of great feedback every time I post an article about capsule wardrobes that are based on the change of seasons…..so here is Spring!! Think of a Spring capsule wardrobe sort of like a Fall capsule wardrobe…but lighter and brighter colors. Think transition pieces. Think layering.

The basic items shown below are a perfect foundation….especially during April and May. There are t-shirts, tanks,  a short sleeve dress, a long cardigan for layering, two styles of denim, booties for colder days and sandals for warmer days.



For early Spring (think March) I like the outfit formulas shown below. There are more lightweight, long sleeve options with blazers and sweaters for layering. There is actually so much GREATNESS shown in this picture. All of the items are flattering and timeless. Most of us probably have these items already in out closets, but if you don’t, it is time to add the missing links.




Since I have a large amount of stay at home, or work from home, mothers that follow my blog, I always include a capsule wardrobe for them. Check them out below. As you can see, there are various comfortable and practical, yet stylish options.





Just as stay at home mothers read my blog, numerous working women do as well. Here are some Spring capsule wardrobe options for you. I love the touch of pastels mixed with neutrals.



If you are a minimalist and prefer to keep your capsule wardrobe more simplistic, here are some options for you.






As you can see everything is pretty much neutral colors of black, grey, tan and white.

In addition, I found some beautiful colors intertwined with Spring Capsule wardrobes that I wanted to share.












*If you are starting to feel overwhelmed….DON’T…because I am about to make this very simple for you…..

Do you have these basics shown below already in your closet?



Great! I am sure you do!! So you already have the foundation pieces of a spring capsule wardrobe….and FYI….you do not have to have olive jeans…khakis would work fine too, as would white pants….Now watch…..

Look how they took these 9 basic pieces and made 9 outfits….



Or these 10 basics…..



If you are traveling in the Spring as many people do….here are some examples of packing lists that I find helpful to use as a guide.

  1. This would be for a quick weekend away.




2. This next option provides a lot of mix and match items for a 5-7 day trip.



3. This option is perfect for a longer vacation where you will be taking a bigger suitcase with you.



****In case you are wondering….here are the main pieces that I always pack when I go on a Spring vacation….



LAST BUT NOT LEAST….If you are looking for one, main guide to use when you shop this Spring, this would be the one I would take!!! I have all of these pieces in my closet currently and wear them over and over again!



If you need help creating a Spring capsule wardrobe, please message me on instagram @tiffyg77 or email me at tiffyg77@yahoo.com. Happy Shopping!!!!!