White Pants in Spring….Yup put em on Before Memorial Day!

I don’t know about you, but regardless of when Easter is…..it automatically makes me start to think of white nail polish and white pants…..which in turn makes me think about the age old debate about whether or not it is acceptable to wear white pants before Memorial Day….yes it is I say!!! I do feel that you should save the “all white everything” outfits for closer to Memorial Day…even though I love an all winter white look from time to time…..but winter white seems not as “stark white” for some reason….anyways….I digress….

Once Spring arrives and Easter comes upon us, we start to see pastel colors everywhere, and let’s face it….they look better with a white base as opposed to a black base on the bottom half of your body. Here are some perfectly acceptable and chic ways to wear white jeans/pants BEFORE Memorial Day without feeling like it is “too much.”

  1. With a Black Top….Black and White is always a classic pair year round….Most of us tend to like the bottom half of us in black but why not switch it up for Spring???




As you can see, this pair looks great on women of all ages!!!


2. With Blue and White Thin Stripes….Not only is this the “IT” pattern for Spring and Summer 2018, but it screams spring when matched up with white pants. I love this combo as April and May approach us.





3. With Black Boots…If It is a rainy spring day, or still sort of chilly out, throw on a pair of black boots. The white pants will pop against the dark boots.




4. With Camo On Top….I just LOVE camo anything (as you know if you read my blogs). I think camo is an unexpected pair up with white, but looks amazing when you wear a tan or nude colored shoe in Spring.




5. With a Denim Shirt or Jacket….White and Denim looks so fresh and so clean-clean……and a denim layer on top is great for a Spring day when it is in the 60s outside.




6. With Navy….Navy is another “it” color for Spring 2018, and navy and white look just as wonderful as black and white together. I love how you can pair tan or red shoes when wearing navy and white.




7. With Grey….The “groutift” (grey outfit) is not losing steam….To keep grey less winter-like, pair it with white jeans…..it is a great way to ease out of the colder months. You can also add a touch of pastel accessories or shoes to a “groutfit.”




8. With Florals….




Fyi………My favorite stores to buy white pants/jeans are Express, Loft, and Old Navy. Please let me know if you need help finding a pair of your own!!!