How to Wear Lug Sole Boots…

Coming at ya from 2002…..the combat/lug sole boot. They are definitely edgy and a little intimidating to wear for some. Here are some chic ways to wear your lug sole boots, which are totally practical for the winter by the way! With Denim: 2. With a Dress or a Skirt: 3. With Leggings: 4. My […]

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Boot Trends….

I love boots…..In fact, they may be my favorite shoe to wear and definitely that is what I tend to buy the most of! Here are the boot trends for the upcoming winter 2022. 1.Bold: 2. Knee High: 3. Combat: 4. Cowboy: 5. Slouchy: 6. Platform: 7. White: Happy Boot Shopping!

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New Year’s Eve Looks!

Although I prefer a house party on New Year’s Eve, I love all of the glitz and glam that New Year’s outfits have! Whether you are headed out for a night on the town, or staying home, here is a style guide with multiple options for you to choose from. Velvet Dress: 2. Leather Dress: […]

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Holiday Style Guide!!!!!

I love winter clothes (even though I do not love winter weather) and I LOVE holiday fashion!!! I don’t know if it is because the holiday season was quiet and more casual last year, but this year it is full on glam!!!! I actually love all of the looks and styles for Holidays 2021…..there is […]

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Rust: The Color of November….

This color is everywhere and is perfect for November! I also love the color rust because it is universally flattering on everyone!!! Here are some color combinations showing ways you can wear the color rust. Paired with emerald green: 2. Paired with khaki green: 3. With jeans: 4. With dark shades of blue: 5. Dress: […]

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Shoe Trends….

Looking for new shoes??? Wanting to try a new style? Well, here are some new ideas for you! The 90s sandal: It is September but we still have warm days…or buy them on clearance now and pack them away for a warm winter trip! 2. Powder Blue: Blue is huge for this Fall in everything! […]

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