Fall Shoe Trends….

I would say that over 90% of women I speak to love to buy shoes. Although, we can agree that summer shoes such as flip flops and slides are the most comfortable footwear, Fall and Winter shoes are the most fun to wear by far. Here is what is trending for Fall 2020 in the […]

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Fall Color Trends 2020!!!

So many people that live in the New England area hate to see summer end, but they also get very excited for Fall. I get excited for Fall color trends because they are flattering on all skin tones. Here goes the latest list for Fall 2020!!! Red:   2. Pale Pink:       3. […]

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T-Shirt Remix…

Looking for some fresh new ways to style your t-shirts into chic outfits this Fall with items you most likely have in your closets? Because as we know….a t-shirt is an essential Fall transition piece. Here goes! A t and a skirt: 2. With a blazer: 3. Loose t and shorts: 4. With black distressed […]

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Drawstring Shorts!

Loose-fitting shorts have always been around, but they have come to the style forefront in the past year. I totally understand why too….they are ridiculously comfortable….feel like pajamas actually….and they flatter all body shapes and sizes. Here are the ways to wear drawstring shorts this summer: With a blouse:   2. With a loose-fitting tank: […]

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What is a flatform you may ask? Well, a flatform is a woman’s shoe that has a raised sole that is usually between 3-5 inches thick. It gives you height, as a high heel does, but keeps your foot flat, which makes it very comfortable to wear. As a petite girl, I LOVE them!!!! You […]

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Summer Shoe Trends….

I love summer shoes. They are just….easy…..and I feel like they are also a bit more funky and trendy too. If you want to add a little pizzazz in your wardrobe a summer shoe is the way to do it. Pair up a bold shoe with a simple white or black sundress and you are […]

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