Trending Tops…

If you are like me then you tend to buy more tops than bottoms. I always feel like you can update your wardrobe with a few new tops from stores like Marshalls or Target or the Macy’s clearance rack for such inexpensive prices. Here are the latest “top trends” for the warmer weather months. Drawstring: […]

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Bike Shorts….

I get sooooo many questions asking me my thoughts on bike shorts or asking me how to wear bike shorts. There are so many women out there skeptical about wearing these, but I am here to say you should definitely give it a whirl!!! honestly, they are no different than wearing leggings really, except for […]

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How to Wear Combat Boots?????

Picture it….1995 ……combat boots were all the rage. I remember wearing chunky boots and my Italian grandfather saying….why are you wearing men’s boots? Lol…….Well, they are back!!! They are actually very comfortable to wear too. Here are my suggestions on some modern and trendy ways to wear combat boots. Pair with a dress: 2. With […]

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Latest Shoe Trends

I love shoes!!! I can never have enough!!! lol Here are the must have shoes that are currently trending. Florals: 2. Quilted: 3. White Heels: 4. Doc Martins: 5. White sneakers: 6. Studded flip flops Happy Shoe Shopping!

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Spring Color Trends!!!

I Love spring colors!!!!! They are bright and airy and usually universally flattering too!!! Pantone has come out with their two colors of the year, which are shown below: I actually love all of the colors Pantone has selected for Spring and Summer, but I decided to narrow it down to the ones I liked […]

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