Easter best….when it is not Easter-ish weather???

Easter always marks the start of Spring fashion for me…no matter if it falls in March or April. I always want to wear pastel colors, peep toe shoes, and paint my nails pinks and whites…. Thankfully, most years…..the weather is decent enough to do this…BUT NOT THIS YEAR…..On the East Coast anyways…..So I decided to write this article about what you can wear on Easter or Passover…or another spring holiday event when you want to look “spring-ish” but the weather is cold and rainy/snowy.

  1. Floral Maxi Dress…The print screams Spring, but the length of the dress is more practical and provides warmth. Looks super cute with ankle boots too.


I found a cute one at Marshalls actually!!!



2. Pastel Sweater…..When it is cold enough for “sweater weather” and you want to be casual and wear jeans….a sweater in pastel pink, blue, yellow, or mint green is perfect for this time of year.


*If you do not like pastels…try some yellow!!!! Yellow is one of the IT colors for spring!!!!


3. Floral Pants….This pant print was huge last Spring…In fact, I even wore a pair last year on Easter from the Loft!



They are still trending in a big way. Pants are pants, so they obviously work in all 4 seasons. Getting a floral print will make you feel like spring and summer are coming. I like floral pants paired with a nude shoe color.


This cute pair comes from Target.



4. Bright Pink Shoe…Pink screams Easter and Spring. Adding a pop of color in a shoe is still a trendy, inexpensive option for Spring.


The line Dream Pairs makes a classic stiletto in a ton of colors!! I bought hot pink ones! You can find this line on Amazon or their direct website.



5. Floral Scarf…..super INEXPENSIVE….and matches almost anything in your closet!


6. Throw on a blazer……I just did this recently. I picked a mint green, sleeveless tank to wear and just put on my black cropped blazer because it was still chilly outside.



As always Happy Shopping….and if you need any help with locating an item this week, please contact me!!!