Latest Top 10……..

I always get such a great response when I write these type of articles….and it has been awhile….so here goes…… and now we have my latest faves!!!!

  1. Shirt Dresses…..Collared blouses are always a classic item for women to wear…. but when a collared blouse is made into a dress it matches up classy with sexy…..I am obsessed with the style!!!!! It is perfect for spring too, because it has a sleeve. Shirt dresses look amazing with ankle booties, however they can also be paired with sneakers or sandals for a more casual, daytime look.




I bought my shirt dress at Macys. I chose a light blue color for spring, because I have chunky, slouch ankle boots in a tan that I think will pair up amazing with this color. Check out the low price too!!!



2. Nude Stilettos….I love stilettos period…all year…every day….but nude heels are a must for spring!!! They match all of the prints and pastel colors that tend to be trendy this time of year, and they look amazing with dresses, skirts, all style pants, shorts, and even joggers. Find a comfy pair you like and make the investment. You will wear them a ton!! I promise!!




I wear mine with so many different outfits!




3. Fishnets…..This trend may be a little scary for some women….they may think it is inappropriate or “too much”….so false!!! If you pair them under distressed jeans, you actually only see a peek of the fishnets….ladies…fishnets scream sex appeal….we all want to feel attractive and sexy, but sometimes we do not know how to go about it….well this is the way!!!!!! Another way to rock fishnets is to wear a crop top and let the top of the fishnets peek out above your jeans.




I wore mine with a looser top and got so many compliments!! The fishnets were less than $10 at Marshalls!!




4. Sequin Shorts….The sequin trend is continuing into spring from the holiday season…..for spring and early summer, loose-fitting sequin shorts are IT….Pair them with a loose blouse or blazer for a classic look that shines.




I bought a navy pair recently from Madison Ave. in Melrose that I plan to pair with a cream-colored blouse.



5. Embroidered Shorts….staying on the short trend…. Embroidered jeans were a popular trend this fall and winter, and the trend will continue into spring onto denim shorts.




Believe it or not…I found the cutest pair at Target for around $20!! I loved that they are also distressed on the bottoms.



6. Chunky, slouch boots…..these are just everything right now…my fave shoe for spring….They look amazing with skinny jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses. They have casual ones and dressy ones. I suggest getting a grey or nude color to go with your spring outfits.




I bought this pair from Candies online.



7. Lighter camo prints/camo paired with florals…..It is not secret that I love camo anything, but the camo prints in lighter greys and pinks are amazing, as is the camo prints that are paired with florals for spring!





I am obsessed with these camo/floral pants from Fitness Hub in Boston.




And this off the shoulder top from Macys…..



8. This nail color….perfect for spring transition…when you are sick of really dark colors, but you are not ready for light pink or white yet…it is a combo of grey and beige and it literally matches everything~




9. Asymmetrical Shirts….They are so 1990s, and I loved that era, because I spent some of my best years there! This style shirt is slimming on everyone, because it brings the eyes upwards, away from the stomach, but, and thigh areas of the body,




I bought mine from Express, and it comes in a few different colors and styles.




10. Crystal Jewelry….I love crystals….and am obsessed with how they look against gold and silver. I also love anything religious, so I was obsessed with this stack made by “Thelilmuse” because it combined, crystals, gold, a cross, a star, and the Blessed Mother…all my faves…and still looks trendy and chic.




Please contact me if you would like assistance locating anything in this article!! Happy Shopping!!!