Waxing The City….

If you live or work in the Boston area, then you MUST check out Waxing the City for all of your waxing needs. Waxing the City is located on Beverly St. in Boston, right near the North End and the TD Garden. They are literally open 7 days a week!!!! Saturday and Sunday hours are 10am-6 pm, and on weekdays they stay open until 8pm!! For working women, these are great hours because they can visit at lunch or right after the work day ends.



For Waxing the City….it obviously starts with…well…the wax. They use Caranaranja wax exclusively. This wax is soothing and comforting and provides gentle hair removal for both small and large areas of the body. The wax actually skrink wraps around the hair, which makes it lift easily from the skin while also exfoliating and softening.




The staff are all licensed estheticians, known as “Cerologists”, which combines the word “cera” (Latin for wax) and “ologist” (indicates level of education and expertise). They are all trained in a week long course at Waxing University in Denver, Colorado, so you can be assured that you will have an amazing waxing experience with great results.



When I visited Waxing the City, I noticed right away how amazingly clean and neat the place was. They pride themselves on cleanliness and sanitation, which in turn puts clients automatically at ease.


In addition to waxing services, they have brow shaping and tailoring, as well as lash and brow tinting.


***The bonus is that both men and women have waxing options tailored to their specific needs!!!! How cool!!

They also sell amazing retail products that will compliment your waxing services. This place is a “must check out” if you work in Boston or live near this area! You will be so happy that you did!


And FYI…..There is 25% off your first visit!!!