Spring Color Trend: Lilac

Have you seen the latest Pantone color trends for spring and summer 2018? Well, one of them is violet or lilac….not the easiest colors to wear to be honest.


I think most of us kind of think Easter when we see this color….Makeup artists always tell me to wear more lilacs because I have green eyes….but yet I don’t….however….because I like to be trendy…I will start! lol…..I recently racked my brain and come up with some easy ways to incorporate this color into your spring and summer wardrobe rotation.

  1. With White…this seems to be the easiest combo….everyone has white shirts, pants, skirts, etc in their closets, and the lilac/violet colors pop against the color white.


2. With Grey….Grey is still an extremely popular neutral shade. I also think that grey and lilac make a great pair during early spring when the weather can be tricky….it is a way to ease into the spring pastels.


3. With Yellow….BOLD combo!!!! This is not for the faint of heart…you want to stand out…then pair lilac or violet with a bright yellow color!!


4. With light blue….I have to be honest…I never would have thought to match these colors together myself…but they look gorgeous together when blended in a print pattern. I love this combo for summer!


5. With Mint Green….This combo is very “spring like”. I do like the contrast. I admit I do not “love” the mint green with the lilac, but I LOVE the bright violet against the mint green!


****** Some easy and SUBTLE ways to incorporate lilacs and violets into your closets are as follows:



-Spring Coat















The first purchase I made of a clothing item in this color scheme was a wrap top from Target believe it or not!! I am always cold and this will go perfect over a t-shirt or tank top…and it was only $16.99!!! Can’t go wrong!




As always, if you need any help locating something in this color, please contact me!