Spring Transition Pieces…

I find March one of the trickiest months in regards to “how to dress.” Some days it is 25 degrees and snowing….and some days…like how it was March 29 on my 21st bday are 85 degrees and sunny. You just never know!!! Therefore, you need to have what I like to call “transition pieces” in your closets at hand and ready to go!!!

Ok peeps!!!! Pay attention to what you need during the month of March to make choosing what to wear easy and quick!! (And I bet you already have most of these items in your closets!)


  1. Black Fit and Flare Skirt….this skirt is universally flattering on everyone. It looks great with black tights on colder days, and it also looks nice with peep toe booties or even sandals.


2. Denim jacket…This is a classic….I honestly think 98% of people have one in their closets already, and if you don’t Old Navy sells great ones!! They are lightweight and match everything. They go well over a black dress, as well as gym clothes, and they look great with leggings.


3. Ankle booties….I LOVE this style bootie…both in peep toe and in “non” peep toe. They are definitely a year round shoe. They compliment skirts, dresses, cuffed jeans, leggings, etc.


I actually wore them with a black dress for my birthday!!!



4. Long cardigan… Cardigans are a spring staple for the constant temperature changes that happen during this time of year. Longer cardigans are the current trend.


I just bought a black one from Old Navy. It comes in regular, tall, and petite. It also comes in all the basic neutral colors of black, tan, and navy.



5. Chambray Blouse….This sort of serves the same purpose as the denim jacket does. It is lightweight and matches everything….but is is less bulky than a jacket, which makes it more comfortable to leave on all day.


6. Rain Boots…During early Spring, all the snow starts to melt and many of us get heavy rains where we live, so rain boots are a must have. Hunter rain boots are my favorites. They last forever. I have had my red pair for over 3 years!!! I suggest looking at Nordstrom Rack online, because they always have Hunter rain boots on sale.


7. Lightweight, Grey joggers….Joggers have been a style staple since last Spring….and the color grey is continuing to boom in the fashion industry. I love wearing grey as a base color in spring, because I think that it matches wonderfully with all of the pastel colors we tend to wear during these months. Grey also looks great with white, cream, and navy. Grey joggers can be work as athleisure wear, or in a satin or silk material for dress up. I already have Nike grey joggers, and I plan to look for a pair that is a tad more dressy.


8. Last but not least….the black leather jacket… Black leather jackets are always chic and sexy on women. They are also a classic piece to have in your closets. I like to wear a black leather jacket on colder days from March through May. I am actually loving them paired with lace for Spring.



As always….if you need help locating any of the items mentioned above….please reach out to me!!!