My Spring/Summer Packing List for Vacation….

I have gotten so many requests asking me to write an article related to packing for a warm climate vacation….but specifically what I choose to pack when I travel….so here goes…I plan to explain each item I pack and then I will condense it into one big list at the end of the article…hope it is helpful!!!!

  1. Dressy Black Tank…This literally goes with everything from denim shorts to dressy pants. I suggest getting one in a material that does not wrinkle for easy packing.



Express has great ones in that “slinky” material that you do not have to iron. I packed it on one of my last vacations actually.



2. Denim shirt…Looks great over a bathing suit, a maxi dress, shorts, or pants. You can even wear it to the airport. It matches everything too. No brainer.



3. Denim Shorts…Vacation staple for decades… let’s face it….if you want a more modern pair, look for ones that are distressed or embroidered.



I have a distressed pair that comes from Express that I have literally had for two summers, and I wear them ALL the time. They go in every suitcase I pack!



4. White Tank Top…Basic and Cheap….great layering piece….either under a shirt for cool nights or over a bathing suit.



5. Nude Flip Flops….They will literally match every bathing suit, every dress, every top, etc. that is in your suitcase. If you are going to pack flip-flops (which we all do) then this is the only pair you really need.



Target and Old Navy have pairs that look EXACTLY like the ones above.


6. Black Strappy Heels…I always pack these for a night out. They look great with jeans and dresses. You can pick a lower heel, a stiletto, or a chunky, block heel. They all serve the same purpose.



7. Summer Hat….YOU NEED TO PACK THIS….first of all, it is practical for the beach and pool, but secondly….who the heck wants to wash their hair on vacation every day??



*If you have a small head like I do, buy a children’s size one. I did!



8. Romper…These pack well and can be worn over a bathing suit, with sandals for a casual lunch, or with heels for a night out.



Here is me in my romper last Spring on vacation.



9. Maxi Dress…again easy to pack if you find the non-wrinkle material. I either like to pack a solid black one or one in a crazy print…either works…and again, versatile for day or night.



10. Converse…. I just love to wear converse in Spring and Summer. They are lightweight and trendy….and a classic shoe that never really goes out of style.



FYI….The “shoreline”style is my favorite to wear!


11. Cover-up…..Necessity if you are headed to a beach or a pool. I am currently obsessed with lace cover-ups. They are beautiful and feminine, and they make them in every size!



12. A cardigan sweater…..Right now, I am loving the longer cardigans (Old Navy has tons by the way), but a classic length black or white cardigan works great too. Many restaurants are air-conditioned and who wants to be freezing when they eat. Cardigans are easy to fit inside a tote bag too.



13. Airport Outfit…….I tend to wear leggings or sweats. They are comfortable for travel AND you have an instant workout outfit if you want to go to the gym when on vacation.



*As you can see, all of these items look great on petite and plus sizes as well.

******Ok Peeps, here is my condensed shopping list of what to pack!! Ready!!!!

  1. dressy black tank
  2. denim shirt
  3. denim shorts
  4. white tank top
  5. nude flip-flops
  6. black strappy heels
  7. summer hat
  8. romper
  9. maxi dress
  10. converse
  11. cover up
  12. cardigan
  13. airport outfit (sweats or leggings)


Please contact me if you need any packing help!!! I actually love to pack!!!!!!!!!!!