Moto Leggings are Miraculous…

I do not know one woman who hates to wear leggings…Do you???……and even if they are not their favorite style pants to wear….they still wear them…..frequently. However, plain, black leggings can get rather boring and run of the mill. I love leather leggings to spice things up, but they are not always practical for day-to-day wear. Bring in the moto leggings!!!! Have you heard of these????? Moto leggings help bring sporty style into your day-to-day wardrobe. They have a special seaming on the legs that are extremely slimming on everyone. Here is my fave pair shown below….you can see the diagonal lines on the legs. When you see these lines they differentiate a regular legging from a moto legging.



I packed mine for my son’s hockey tournament and it was a miraculous idea actually…warm, comfortable…a little sexy….a lot chic….



Many moto leggings have a wider waistband that makes for a flattering fit. The material is usually wrinkle resistant and has lots of stretch, which makes it perfect to pack in a suitcase.

Moto leggings look amazing in a casual style outfit.


Many moto leggings come in a khaki green color so they can become a very comfortable substitute for khaki pants.


They also come in grey….which is a seasonless color…..



And white for spring and summer….



And gold for those dressy nights out on the town or in the city….



And of course in leather……when you want a chic and sexy look…..


Moto leggings also come in plus sizes….



In fact, the store Torrid has a variety of these for plus size women online.



Moto leggings can be found in a variety of stores, but here are a few of my favorites.

From Express:


Athletic style leggings from Old Navy….



And some colored pairs from the GAP.



As always, if you need help locating a pair of moto leggings please email me at