One shirt….that you can wear FOUR ways!!!!

Since starting this blog I have met so many interesting designers and people in the fashion industry. One of these women is Nicole Limpert. Nicole is the creator of “Limpert in Leopard Designs.” She describes herself as a fashion-obsessed seamstress by day and a designer at night. Nicole earned her degree in design and merchandising in 2015. She created a blog called to help women with their own personal style, as well as to showcase her own creations.

Nicole and I decided to collaborate on a clothing item and thought it would be best to create a versatile piece. Many women of all ages are just always so BUSY these days. One shirt that can be worn 4 different ways. Here is the original design sketch….



We chose to do the short color in a well-made cotton material and in a grey color. Grey is a wonderful neutral base for all 4 seasons and is still very much on trend.

This shirt can be worn 4 ways……

  1. With an attached cowl neck…



2. With 2 strings on the insides of the shirt to create a ruched look….



3. Off the shoulder….



4. And my fave way….. open, V back…..



This shirt would be a “packing for a trip”, suitcase essential!!! It can easily go from day to night by wearing the cowl neck in the day, and detaching it for a night out with an off the shoulder look. It looks amazing with sweats, as well as jeans and heels!! The cotton is both warm enough…and yet cool enough so you do not overheat.

As you can see for yourselves…it looks just as cute with leggings and sneakers as it does with jeans and heels!!!



The best part about this shirt is that the price point is less than $100!!!!!! AND……Blog readers get a discount of 10% off by using code “springfling10″….. but ONLY until March 5!!!!! This shirt can be made in all sizes from petite to plus size. Please click below to order or DM (direct message) her on instagram with inquries!

And make sure you follow her instagram page at “nicoleklimpert”

You can also message me with any questions!!!

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