The White Boots Trend….

We started to see white boots pop up end of summer 2017 and early fall. However, the trend is here to stay. It completes the “mod” look that is currently in.


At one point, a few years ago, wearing white boots was sort of a “no no”….like a fashion faux pas…. not the case now!!!! They are chic and modern and make you stand out in a crowd!  White boots offer a breath of fresh air when it is dark, cold, and dreary and everyone expects to see you in black boots instead!

Here are some ways to incorporate white boots into your wardrobe to look classy and chic.

  1. With jeans….especially shorter ones or cuffed ones…


I love to wear my white boots with flared jeans and a fur vest. Totally a 70s look. (vest is from Madison Ave. Melrose)




2. With black pants or leggings….This offers a sharp contrast against the all black pants, which makes for an ultra-mod look.


This is my fave look….and I will be sporting it very soon…



3. With Leather….black leather pants…..with white leather boots….equals one sharp combo!



4. With a funky printed dress….. This combo is definitely for the more trendy fashionista…



*looks just as great with a plain, all black dress too…



And a black bodysuit and black skirt…..



*For another option, try a pair of knee-high white boots…there is something unexpected about wearing tall boots in this color that provides a bit of sex appeal. Love them with a sweater dress for a night out.


If you look through the Nordstrom website, you can see that white boots are all over the place…..

From rain boots…



To ankle booties…



To knee high, tall, chunky boots…



To this ultra-mod pair….I actually bought this pair myself….Loved the heel and the mix of black and white to wear with an all black outfit…



If you are worried about them staying clean and this makes you avoid buying them…do not worry…because the Magic Eraser gets everything off of white shoes!!!!

If you would like help locating a pair that suits you or want me to email you a direct link to purchase a pair mentioned in this article please message me!