What the Heck do I wear under this shirt??????????

Yes ladies….this is a familiar question that we all mutter to ourselves…..I am going to give you the answers right now in this article!!! I have decided to take examples of trendy tops and tell you what bra will work best with them. Now…..these bras can be found in a size 32 AA up to a 36 DD and even larger so there is one for all…..There are so many online specialty stores for both small and large busted women (other than the typical Victoria’s Secret). Please reach out to me if you need help finding any of these bras…..ok….so here we go!!!!

  1. The Racerback Tank….These tanks are difficult to wear a traditional bra with because they often have wide openings under the arm pit and a skinny piece of material in the back. A bralette is perfect for this type of tank top!!! They often have lace on them, which makes them pretty to see when they peek out. Bralettes can be found in numerous sizes at Kohls actually and are always on sale there!!




Here is me in my racerback tank and bralette….



2. Chunky Sweater….Again….a bralette works amazing!! Chunky sweaters often fit loose around the back and shoulders, so you can see the lace peeking out, which looks pretty and sexy all at once.





3. Scoop Back Top…..With this style top, I either like a bralette or a criss cross bra in the back.





The bra in the upper right picture is my favorite criss cross bra. It is from Lululemon and is called “free to be.” I think I have like 6 of them in numerous colors!



4. Strapless or One Shoulder Top….without a doubt…you have to go strapless…..period…yes it is my least favorite bra to wear….but it is the only one that works!!!





There was no way I was wearing anything but strapless with this top shown below….



Nothing else worked….and that was ok….you just need to find a strapless bra that you feel comfortable. Believe it or not….mine comes from Target!!!

I recently lived in my strapless bra on a trip to Aruba with all the one shoulder or strapless dresses and rompers I brought with me.


5. Sheer Top….sheer top equals black bra….super chic and sexy…love this look!! And it looks great with both small and larger bust sizes.






6. Backless…..when you have a complete, open back dress or top, I find that the suction bras and cups work best. They really do stay on…I love backless and I wear mine frequently in the Spring and Summer. These can be found on Amazon for less than $15 in sizes A-DD.




7. V neck or Plunging neck line…..I love front, criss cross bras for this look. Takes the place of a camisole and looks modern and trendy. Victoria’s Secret has my favorite front, criss cross bras.





*****Now I want to bring your attention to the bandeau bra for a minute. These are tough to wear if you are real small chested….or real large chested……but they do look great on a B or C cup. I love these under tanks, blouses, open dresses, even a blazer…. I wish I could wear these myself, but I have not found one that flatters a small chest yet….I will let you know if I do!!





Well, I hope this was helpful info for you and you can stock your drawers with a few different styles bras to make getting dressed a tad easier….hey…..you  may even be more apt to purchase a new style top that you would not normally buy because you now know what bra to wear with it!!!

As always, please contact me if you need any assistance with bra shopping!!!