Balloon Sleeves….

Just like the rest of the 1970s disco trends that are hot right now….balloon sleeves are one of these trends. These sleeves are extremely feminine. However, they are voluminous and over sized on the top half of you. This means that you must wear slim fitting skirts or pants on the bottom in order to create balance. You can also add a belt to your waist or buy a top that has a corset tie to create a slimming look… I did with this top from  Express….


Here are some of my favorite ways to wear balloon sleeve tops.


  1. With a pencil skirt….Pencil skirts are a classic clothing item that many of us have in our closets. They are actually universally flattering (with out without hips) and because they are slim fitting, they definitely balance out the volume of a balloon sleeve blouse.



2. Skinny jeans….We all have at least a few pairs of skinny jeans in our closets even though flares have currently taken over the fashion world. This is a no brainer….jeans look great with all types of tops, but balloon sleeve tops look best with skinny fitting jeans.



3. Balloon sleeve dresses…classic 70’s…..cinch the waist in, and it is flattering whether you are a size o or a plus sized woman.



4. With slim-fitting black pants/leggings….This is one of my favorite ways to wear balloon sleeves because it is just “easy.”



*****For a little Spring Sneak Peak, here is what you can expect to see trending with balloon sleeves.


  1. Embellished… The bigger the sleeve and the more razzle dazzle it has on it…the better!!!



2. Open Backs



3. Made in light-weight materials to go with spring patterned pants, such as polka dots or florals.



I got this pink one at Bebe actually….not totally a balloon sleeve….but the sleeve is definitely “a lot”…



4. Made in casual styles to go with jeans and sneakers…




5. Pinstripes….This print will be all over the place in Spring/Summer 2018….especially in tops with bell or balloon sleeves.



I got my balloon sleeve top at Marshalls for $12.99. If you look on Express online, they have a variety of this style top in both casual and dressy styles and materials.

I actually just wore mine with blue camo pants from the Gap and received a ton of compliments.



As always, please message me if you would like help locating one of the items in this article or another balloon sleeve top.