Why everyone should wear a bodysuit…

I know…you are totally already rolling your eyes as soon as you saw this title….but do not!!! Bodysuits are these secretly flattering pieces of clothing that do not look appealing on a hanger, but look amazing on the body whether you are plus size or petite. They never look bulky under pants, and you do not have to keep untucking and tucking your shirt in throughout the day either. Sometimes, tucking in a shirt gives you an unflattering line. It is also a great piece for layering under blazers, vests, or sweaters.

Another benefit of a bodysuit is the fact that you do not have to worry about whether or not the t-shirt you have on is the right length for you–especially if you are tall or petite. They make bodysuits for every height and size. Bodysuits are particularly flattering on curvy and plus size women when worn with higher waisted pants and skirts, because they accentuate the smaller part of the waist.

When I first tried on a bodysuit I honestly expected it to be super uncomfortable…kind of like the leotards from my ballet days….boy was I wrong!! Super comfy!!!

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear a bodysuit!

  1. With slim fitting pants…. If you want to show off an hour class shape….this is defintely the outfit to do it in!!!



2. With wide leg pants….if you want to “just” accentuate your waist…and sort of hide your hip area….then pair up a bodysuit with wide leg pants. Eyes will be drawn only to the slim portion of your waist.




3. For a dressier look…pair with a skirt…. As you can see below, a bodysuit looks great with both a tight fitting skirt or an A-line or fit-and-flare skirt.



I sported this look on Christmas Eve actually!!!



4. With Joggers….I love this look when you have to “adult” but also want to be comfortable. Something about a bodysuit that instantly makes an outfit more dressy than just wearing joggers and a t-shirt.



I recently sported this look to work on a day that was cold out. I was feeling tired that morning, and really wanted to stay in my pajamas all day…this sufficed….



The best part about this outfit was that I scored these Betsy Johnson velour joggers at Marshalls for less than $15!!!!!


5. All black everything… For an untra chic and sexy vibe….wear a body suit and black pants…we all have a favorite pair of black pants in our closets…just choose one…




6. Last but not least….with shorts…If you are going on a trip soon I would definitely pack a bodysuit. As easy as you can wear it at night with a printer maxi skirt, you can also wear it during the day with a casual pair of denim shorts.



I have a few bodysuits that I love!!! One of them is from Amazon….



This one comes in a variety of colors and also sizes that range up to plus size. I liked the fact that it has a scoop neck so it looks great alone or layered under vests. Check out the price!!!

The next bodysuit I have recently fallen in love with is from Macys. It is most definitely meant to be worn for a night out.



I am obsessed with the choker collar AND look at the back!!!



****My friends that are under 5’4″ tall…this one is great for petites!!!! The torso is perfect!!!!


Here is me wearing this bodysuit with a gorgeous skirt from Madison Ave. in Melrose.


As always, if you would like me to assist you with finding a “just right” bodysuit for yourself, please message me at tiffyg77@yahoo.com with the heading “blog question.”