Classic Print: Snakeskin

If you want to make a sassy statement this winter….then wearing something with a snakeskin print is the way to go!! Although leopard print is my favorite animal print to wear, snakeskin is a close second for sure!!! Some people choose to wear snakeskin all year, but I think it is a “heavy” print that works best during the colder months. Here are my favorite ways to incorporate snakeskin prints into my wardrobe.


  1. Pants….be bold and put the pants on!!! I guarantee you will earn a ton of compliments. I like to pair snakeskin pants with the colors cream, tan, or black. Keep the rest of your outfit simple.


2. Shoes…this is a simple way to add a pop of snakeskin to your wardrobe without feeling overwhelmed. Stores such as Aldo and Macy’s have a ton of snakeskin print shoes and boots.


I actually found my pair at Nordstrom Rack.



3. Dresses… A dress is classic and snakeskin is classic so just pair the two up. If you buy a style, such as a wrap dress, it is also office appropriate.



4. Tops: I love to layer snakeskin blouses under vests and sweaters when it is cold out.


5. Skirts… Snakeskin skirts are just sexy…period….work it girls!


6. Coat/Jacket….This print works nicely to mix into your wardrobes if you have a minimalist wardrobe…meaning your closet is mostly black or neutral colors.



*Lately my fave way to wear a snakeskin print is in a green hue….It adds a pop of color to a basic print and I do not know about you, but when I picture snakes, I picture them to be green so it is a great match…lol…this color snakeskin print is versatile and looks great on all skin tones and hair colors.


If you need help locating some snakeskin for your closets, please contact me on email at