Wardrobe Essential: Long Sleeve T’s

In the summer, I wrote about how essential it was to have white and black tank tops in your wardrobe and how everyone should pack them while on summer vacation. Recently, I thought about this blog article and wondered what I would consider essential for Winter and Spring….and I thought about long sleeve t-shirts…specifically ones that are black, white, or grey.

In fact, I think I live in black long sleeve t-shirts year round!!!


They are a great base layer, but yet, they can be dressed up for a night out. I would almost bet that all women have at least one of these in their closet or drawers. Here are various ways to show how versatile a long sleeve t-shirt can be….

  1. With Jean shorts….This works perfectly on a 60 degree day in March…or if you are getting away on a late winter/early spring getaway….



2. With leggings:



3. With a skirt:



4. Under a button up shirt:



5. With jeans…obviously…jeans and T’s always go….



6. With wide leg pants: (a slim fitting long sleeve t helps to balance out the width of the pants)



7. Wear a black long sleeve t with white pants and boots for March and April…. (yes you can wear white this early….)



8.  With joggers: dressed up, down, casual….



9. With a camo print:





10. With a statement necklace to dress it up at night:



11. With leather pants (another way to dress it up at night):



12. Under a fur vest:



12. With a scarf: (I know…..these are blue…but I like blue)



As you can see…..the possibilities are endless….

Now you can find these just about anywhere. To be honest…I like the ones at Old Navy best….they are super inexpensive….and they make petite sizes…so I do not have to roll the sleeves…they also make them in plus sizes AND in Tall…so it is a win-win for all. They have a TON of colors too. Here is the style I usually buy…



They are inexpensive for $15. However, you can find promo codes online to get 20-40% off and that way you can purchase a few. I recommend getting at least two…one in black and one in white. Happy Shopping!