Jewelry trends for Late Winter/Early Spring 2018….

Maybe it is because the show Dynasty has a reboot on TV? Maybe it is because the 70s and 80s are back in the clothing world? Maybe it is because the motto “go big or go home” is popular? Whatever the case may be… trends for this winter are big, embellished, and sparkly….I am in LOVE!!! Here they are!

  1. Embellished chokers…the choker trend took hold during the fall of 2016, and is still going strong. However, today chokers are expected to be more ornate and decorated with chains or rhinestones.



*This cool choker I recently received is embellished with a magnetic silver ball. The choker actually doubles as a wrist wrap. It comes from “Serendipitous Jewelry.” Check them out on insta!!



2. Talismanic Jewelry… I know…this is a big word….basically this type of jewelry is meant to provide positive vibes by wearing symbols such as crosses, evil eyes, angel wings, and religious figures, such as the saints.



I love these type of jewley…especially from “thelilmuse”



And “Beads, Bracelets, and Baubles”



3. Huge Crystal Earrings…Think of TV shows in the 1980s, such as Dynasty or Dallas….or think of a 1980s prom……



4. Pearls….always a classic, but this time the pearls are not simple. Instead, they are shown in the forms of thick bracelets…



Drop earrings…



And chunky necklaces with brooches attached…



5. Speaking of brooches……raid your grandmother’s and mother’s and aunt’s jewelry boxes!!! These are back!!!! The way to wear them now is pinned to your blazer….



6. Celestial….This means any piece of jewelry with sun, moon, and starts on it! I have gotten so many nice pieces of jewelry with this trend lately. Check out this moon necklace from “Beaded Bracelets & Baubles.”



Happy jewelry shopping ladies!!! And remember…sometimes a $10 necklace from Target makes an entire outfit that you already own!