Latest Edition of my Favorite Things!!

Hi everyone!!! People continually request that I post an article like this with lots of variety every so often….so here goes!!! I am currently loving a mish mash of things!!!


  1. Red Outerwear…Red is my fave color, but I think red pops against the drab of winter and the sea of black coats out there! There are a ton of red coats and jackets on sale right now, especially if you look online at Macys or Nordstrom.



2. Arbonne eyeshadow primer….this is organic and will make your shadow last all day!!! If you are interested in trying this out, please message me and I will give you the contact information on where to buy it. It really is worth it….inexpensive and prevents any caking or creasing of eyeshadow. In fact, my eyeshadow even lasted me through my after work workout!!!!




3. Going along with eyes….I am obsessed with L’oreal mascara primer!!! It literally makes your lashes so long and voluminous. A ton of people ask me if I have lash extensions, and I do not…this is the secret….for $7.99 at CVS! You put it under any mascara, and it is like an instant miracle!



4. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Rollerball….I do not know about you, but scents bring me into nostalgia…This perfume was one that I wore during my 20s…..which I wore during many fun and memorable times!!  I love that they make it in a rollerball…perfect for your purse and inexpensive to boot!!!



5. White Boots….The Mod look is trending in a big way…as much as I love black year round, I also love unexpected fashion trends….and white boots in winter is one of them!!!


6. Pom-Pom Hats in Metallics….Although I think these hats are cute enough for all day…..the metallic material makes it cute enough to leave on for an evening out too. This one comes from Aine’s in Reading, Mass.



6. Celestial Anything… Items with sun, moon, and stars are everywhere lately….and I love them!!! There is something “pleasant” about anything to do with the sky I think…..


I love this moon necklace from Beaded Bracelets and Baubles. Check out their instagram page. Madison Ave. in Melrose, Mass. also carries many jewelry items from this designer.



Also obsessed with this sweatshirt covered in stars from Aine’s Boutique in Reading.


Heck….I even work out in celestial leggings lately!


7. Moto Leggings…..These are as comfy and easy as regular leggings….except they are not as basic. They have an edgy seam on the legs that helps to add some funk to a wardrobe staple.


Here is the pair I bought at Nordstrom online recently. They are called “BP Moto Leggings.”



8. Vintage Pieces….I dug around in my mom’s closet recently and found some coats she didn’t want anymore that fit me perfectly. My favorite being this fur.



Go ahead and take a peek. Often times you will fit in your mother or grandmother’s items from years past based on genetics alone 🙂 You will love wearing clothing that can not be found in stores.

*If you do not have any closets to look for vintage items in, then check out Madison Ave. in Melrose, Mass. She has lovely vintage coats, jackets, and fur stoles/wraps.



9. Fuzzy slippers….There is something girly and cute about fuzzy slippers. I am a stiletto girl by heart, but I love walking around my house in warm, fuzzy slippers. I was recently in Marshalls and the racks are filled with them!!! I bought this pair.


I actually posted this pic on my instagram and received so many messages asking me where I bought them, so I thought it was definitely beneficial to put them in this article.


10. Heels with Ankle Bows….I love all heels but I am literally in love with this style right now and can not wait for Spring to come so I can wear a pair! They are so sexy and yet so girly-girl at the same time!


Although I love red and black shoes….I have a TON of heels in both colors so I actually decided to buy this green color from Amazon. Perfect for Spring and will look great with so many of the trendy Spring colors that have come out.



Hope you enjoyed my latest edition of my favorite things, and if you need help locating any of these items please email me at or message me on instagram @tiffyg77.