Youthful styles you can still wear if you are over 30….


I can not even tell you how many times I hear people say “Oh I love that look but I can’t wear it because I am too old.” This is such BS!!!! You can wear almost anything at any age!!! My parents, who are both in their 70s, have always worn what they liked and never based fashion taste on age. Do they modify certain things? Of course…but they still wear what they want…as do I at almost 41 years old….and so can you! So many women think that when they hit the magic number of 30 they can no longer shop in certain stores or wear certain styles….I am going to show you that you absolutely can!!!

  1. Little Black Dress…This is a timeless classic at any age….as I got a bit older, I prefer to wear a little black dress in a fit and flare style because I have realized that is much more flattering on me.


However, as you can see….all of these looks below will flatter women of all ages and sizes.


2. Graphic T-shirts…Ladies express yourselves!!! Maybe not pick a teen slogan like #selfie, but represent your favorite band or quote.


I wear these all the time!!!


Here are some ideas on how to style these…


3. Leopard….People think of old ladies when they think of wearing leopard….but I think sex appeal and classic print that actually looks better on you as you age.

Here is me rocking my leopard skirt……

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4. Faux Fur….This is another fabric many women think only looks good on little girls under the age of 10 during the holidays….or if you are over the age of 65. Again…not true…faux fur is trending now for women of all ages…add just a touch with a vest or solid color coat. I bought mine in a blush color, because I think it is still a neutral, but it will pop against darker colors and match almost everything too.


5. Crop Tops….If you work hard for your abs ladies….flaunt it!!!! REALLY!!!!! And even if you do not work hard at your abs, wearing a slight crop top emphasizes the smallest part of the majority of women…which is their waists. Keep it classy by only showing a tiny amount of stomach.


I love a loose fitting crop top with flares actually….I feel the loose fit of a crop top is unexpected and keeps it age appropriate.




6. Distressed Jeans…I think because these style jeans are shown in stores where teens mostly shop, some women think they can not wear these. Of course you can. I actually love this look!!! If you are unsure about how to wear this style denim, I suggest trying a pair with fewer distressed holes in them as shown below.


And wearing them with a solid color top….



7. Sparkles….This trend was everywhere for the 2017 holiday season and is still sticking around. The inner 10 year old girl in us secretly still wants to wear sparkles whether you want to admit it or not. My style trick is to keep it to ONE sparkly item….such as a skirt, leggings, or a top. Keep the rest of your outfit classic and plain.

I recently wore an all sequined dress to an event and I got so many compliments!!!! Side Note: It definitely made me feel 20 years younger too!!!


8. Low cut top….Another phrase I often hear when shopping with women is “Oh that is too low cut…I can’t wear that anymore.” And yet again…of course you can…keep the top in a neutral color, wear the right bra,  and keep the rest of your outfit simple.


9. Mini Skirt….I wear short skirts often….but I tend to wear dark tights with them…. skirts are much easier to wear than dresses I think….and you do not have to hem mini skirts, as you might have to with a maxi skirt…try it!



10. Bodysuit….I think when people think bodysuit…they think leotard….and teens and women in their 20s heading to nightclubs…however….bodysuits are UNIVERSALLY flattering….they made EVERYONE look more slim and show off curves….I do recommend trying them on to find a comfortable fit….


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I hope this article inspired you to try something new… always, please contact me with any style questions!!!

*side note: many of these outfits were bought at Madison Ave. in Melrose if you are wondering 🙂