Winter Capsule Wardrobes…

People always message me about how they love when I do a capsule wardrobe for each season….so here goes winter…..winter is not the most enjoyable capsule wardrobe to build for most women….however, I LOVE winter clothes…maybe because I am always cold???? Or the fact I love fur everything?? Or the fact that I love boots and coats??? Anyhow, when building a winter capsule wardrobe think of two things: being practical for the weather and buying pieces that layer. Many of you already have many pieces that work well with layering from your fall wardrobes. See below…



The deals are just too good during this time of year to NOT shop for new clothes…perfect time to create a capsule wardrobe. Here are some examples of capsule wardrobes for the working woman, the stay at home mom, the minimalist, and the girl who likes a little bit of everything.


1. Stay at Home Mom


2. Working woman



3. Minimalist/Classic Style:


As you can see above everything is pretty much black, white, and neutral colors which is perfect if you are a minimalist.

I like to add pops of red to my classic wardrobe pieces in the winter. It brightens up a cold, winter day!



4. Wardrobe for Winter Travel: If you plan on taking a ski trip or heading to a big city like New York to sight see, check out the pictures below on what to pack!





*If you get really bored with wearing dark colors in the winter, here are some ideas for various color palettes you can build your winter capsule wardrobe around.


I actually love these two ideas shown below.


*If you are looking for basic layering pieces to put in your closet, here is a quick cheat sheet.



*If you are looking for an actual guide to take around the stores with you, I thought these two were very “user friendly”.





And….if I had to pick a favorite of mine….I think it would be this one….


Has a little of everything….leopard shoes, black leggings, pencil skirt, fur, distressed jeans, black stilettos, adidas, leather coat… get the picture.

Please contact me if you need any help building your winter capsule wardrobes!