Layering Clothes….

I know I am a cold person ALL the time….but I think most of us start to pile on clothing layers at this time of year. You all know how it is….freezing in the morning, but by lunch time it can feel a lot warmer…..or some places do not have the heat on….or the heat is not on high enough so you start to feel chilly… catch the drift. However, no one wants to feel like they are piled in so many clothes that they feel like they are trying to disguise themselves or feel so constricted like they are wearing a straight jacket. Well, I am going to show you some ways to layer your clothes, stay warm, and still look chic as the cold winter approaches us.


  1. Vest…This is one of the easiest ways to layer…especially if it is not super cold out…or you hate wearing a jacket or coat. Old Navy has the cutest vests in all colors and patterns.


I just bought this camo print vest from Old Navy recently. Such a great deal!!!!



*You can layer with a fur vest for a fancier look!


Rada in Wakefield and Melrose, Massachusetts has numerous fur vests that you can choose from.



*Another type of vest that can be used for layering is a sweater vest. This works with blouses and long sleeve t-shirts.


2. Blazer…This is a great alternative to a cardigan, especially for working women. Gives your style a more structured look when layering. Kohl’s has a TON of black blazers in plus sizes, petite sizes, and regular sizes for great prices.


3. Tie blouses and sweaters….tie blouses add a retro, bringing it back to the 1980s, vibe to layering….


My latest, favorite tie blouse comes from Banana Republic….love the ice blue….



4. Jean shirts….If you have been reading my blog posts for a while you already know that I love the versatility of denim shirts….these can be the “under” layer or the “over” layer actually.


5. Plaid Shirts…like the denim shirt,,, these can also be the “under” layer or the “over” layer. Personally, I think plaid shirts pair amazingly well with a v neck sweater….it combines a casual look with a more sophisticated look.


6. Since we are on the subject of v neck sweaters…..they are another easy layering piece. V neck sweaters pair up nicely with tank tops, t-shirts, and blouses.


7. Chunky sweater…..this is by far the most comfortable way to layer clothing…..Let a loose t-shirt or a tank top peek out from under the bottom of the chunky sweater.


Here are some charts to show you the basics of layering if you are still confused….


Whether you are a hot person…a cold person….an in between- hot flash person……all of us need to layer in the cold weather months. Hope this was helpful and you stay warm!!!!!!