After Christmas Sales….

I have recently been asked by a few people what do I tend to purchase during the after holiday sale craze….or what do I plan to buy next this time of year….so here goes….I made a list!!

  1. Winter Accessories….particularly pom-pom hats and scarves…I just can not get enough of them!!!


The pom-pom hats looks stylish enough to leave on all day so you do not have to worry about getting “hat head”, and they are fairly inexpensive, so you can definitely find one for around $5 during the big sales.

As far as scarves go….you can just never have enough!! Ever!!!


Scarves are a super easy winter accessory that also provides warmth. You can find numerous scarves for $10 or less this time of year.


2. Winter Coats….although all types of coats go on sale during late Dec and January, the one I will be looking for will be a winter bomber jacket. I have a lightweight bomber jacket already and love the style so much that I am on a mission to find it in a heavier material for winter.


3. Fur vests…these exploded in the stores during the Fall months. They are still trending in a big way, but now the stores want to get rid of them so you can purchase them for cheap money!


4. Jeans….Jeans ALWAYS go on sale after the holidays….I will be buying more flares…probably at American Eagle because I love their jeans, but all the stores will have them.


5. Platform booties…like jeans…shoes also go on sale this time of year. Platform booties will go amazing with your new flared jeans…VOILA You will have a whole new look….And this heel is super comfy!


6. Bralettes….In January, stores such as Victoria’s Secret have enormous clearance sales…snag yourself a bralette. They have great options that come in all sizes, support levels, and colors. I love wearing them in the winter with chunky sweaters and off the shoulder sweatshirts.


7. Candles….Every year after Xmas I head to Yankee Candle and stock up on my fave holiday scents to either give as gifts the following year (they really do last) or keep for myself in case they discontinue one I like…this year I will stocking up on these two….


7. Last but not least…..wrapping paper and materials for gifts……Target actually has beautiful wrapping paper that usually gets marked down to 75% off. I will be buying all white, black, silver, and gold…always a classic and looks good under any tree!!!


As always, please email or message me with any questions!! Enjoy the sales!!!!