My Top Looks of 2017 that will continue into the New Year….

As I reflected back on 2017…which is the year this blog began…of course I revisited some of my favorite fashion looks throughout the past year that are STILL going strong!!!

  1. Backless Tops…..This trend is so unexpected….until a woman turns around of course….but super sexy!!! It is much easier to wear than a short skirt or crop top. Definitely here to stay!B7759AF0-308F-49E3-989C-64BC52F603F5


2. Old Skool athleisure wear….It is comfortable…it is practical… brings anyone over the age of 30 a great deal of nostalgia, and I have seen some of the spring lines…they are amazing!!!

3. Bright colored shoes….They are fun and offer an inexpensive way to add a pop of color to a wardrobe that consists of mostly black or neutral colored clothing.



4. Joggers….you can dress them up…wear them with sneakers….they fit comfortable….they can take you from day to night….and they offer a nice change to the basic, black legging.



5. Graphic T-shirts…..These will still be trending in 2018….They offer a fun way for women of all ages to express themselves.


6. Lace, loose-fitting shorts….This style is still trending in the upcoming spring lines. It offers an alternative to a skirt, and the loose style is flattering on all shapes and sizes.



7. Rompers….These offer an alternative to a dress. It can be hard to find a dress that fits perfectly on your chest area. However, usually with rompers, women do not have this problem because it is ok if they are a tad loose.


8. Wide Legs….The 70s disco era is still trending in a big way so put away the skinny pants and get yourself a pair of wide legs or flares!!!!


9. Florals….Florals have made it through every season in 2017, and they continue to appear on the Spring 2018 fashion run ways. As you can see below, I can not get enough of them!!!


10. Distressed denim….There is something sexy about showing some rips in your jeans…These come in a variety of styles, including cuffed, skinny, and now flared or boot cut. I even love the distressed denim look in a skirt.


11. Camo…This is another classic print….and the beat goes on with camo…it is in everything!!! Tops, sweaters, pants, coats…you name it…you can find a camo print anything!!!


12. Last but not least….Fur!!!!! Fur vests and fur coats are huge!!! Women everywhere are even hunting inside their mother’s closets for some vintage fur…me included!!!! I even know women who live in warmer climates that are buying lighter fabrics accented with fur, such as a denim jacket with a fur collar.


****Thank you to my readers for keeping this blog going, and I wish you all a happy and healthy 2018!!! I have lots of amazing articles planned for the New Year. If you have any article requests, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at