How to Dress For Your Body….Part 1

So when I asked for blog requests back in December I got some requests from women asking me to write an article about how to dress for their particular shape and how to hide certain areas, while accentuating others. I thought these were great suggestions. I have decided to split the article up into two parts. The first part will be about how to dress for the three main body types that I get the most requests about, which are Petite, Tall, and Plus Size. The second article will be about to accent or hide various body features that concern most women. Here goes…..get ready…..take notes 🙂

  1. Petite– Any woman under the height of 5’4″ is considered to be of petite height, regardless of what her weight is. Being 4’11”, I most definitely fall into this category. My first piece of advice to you is to shop in either the juniors sections of stores or at a store that specializes in petite clothing, such as Loft, J. Crew, Gap, or Old Navy. The following styles will work best on your petite frame.

*V-neck tops—-these tops make your neck and torso appear longer and draw attention to the upper part of your body.



*Monochrome outfits, such as “all black everything”…..wearing one color ALWAYS makes you look taller and thinner….PERIOD



*Vertical Stripes….stripes that are strategically placed make your legs or torso look longer….think about….Have you ever seen the clowns in the circus that wear those striped pants??? Their legs look super long! LOL



*Do the “front tuck” with shirts and blouses…If a top is too long…which often happens when you are on the shorter side… cuts off the top of your legs, which makes you look “boxy” and a few inches shorter.



I do this quite frequently….especially if I want a looser fitting blouse. Often the sleeves fit perfectly, but the length is halfway down my thighs!!! I either do the “front tuck” or tie it up in a small knot.



* High-waisted Pants….high waistlines add at least 2 inches to your legs because your pants start higher, making your legs look longer.




2. Tall- I have numerous tall friends who complain just as much as I do about how difficult it is to find clothes to fit their legs and arms….except they have the opposite problem I do! I am going to show you some tips and tricks below to make getting dressed easier if you have a tall frame.

*Cuffed pants…if you find a pair of pants or jeans that fit perfect everywhere else, but are just a tad too short…still buy them…and do the cuffed look that is trending anyways. You can do a small cuff or a wide cuff…either works…the cuffed look is supposed to look shorter than regular length pants so it is a perfect solution.



*Belts…Tall women have the perfect body length for belts…trust me….as a petite woman I know this because belts are either my friend or my enemy. Sometimes, a belt can sort of cut a shorter woman in half, making her look even smaller. However, belts look amazing on tall women, regardless of the outfit they are wearing.



*Prints/Patterns…some prints can overwhelm a shorter frame, but look amazing on a taller woman….embrace the patterns and prints!!!



*Jumpsuits…Although tailors can make a jumpsuit happen for us all, most jumpsuits are made for taller women. The legs are always longer, as is the inseam. If you get a jumpsuit that is sleeveless, you will not even have to worry about the arms being too short either.



*3/4 sleeves….while we are on the topic of sleeves, many of my taller friends complain about loving certain tops, and wanting to wear them, but the sleeves are always too short. If you buy a blouse or sweater that has a 3/4 sleeve, it is meant to be shorter and hit at your elbow area—thus….problem solved!



*Peplum….Although peplum can flatter everyone’s waist, it can make someone who has a shorter torso look even shorter….but if you are taller and actually want your torso to look a tad shorter…this is the look for you!



*High rise flares….these are on the same premise as the jumpsuit…most high waist flares are made for a taller person…the waist, the inseam, and the hem….and again…I know this because I have a hard time buying these because often the waist is up to my boobs and the inseam is hanging…and I have to hem like 5 inches off! If there are any trendy jeans that a tall person can buy off of a rack, this is the style!



3. Plus Size... I have a few friends that wear plus size clothing that feel they can not dress trendy because of their weight. This is totally not true!!!!!! In fact, my inspiration is my aunt who has been a plus sized woman for a long time and even in her 80s dresses just as stylish as a 40 year old. Take a look below to learn about how you can flatter your plus sized shape.

*Button-downs…This style represents a classic and polished look. If you leave one or two buttons unopened, it also draws attention to a woman’s bust-line, which is usually an asset plus sized women should feature. It also can slim the sides of the waist.



*Monochrome….as for any shape or size or height…wearing all one color is flattering….always…



*Empire Waist…This style cinches the waistline. Regardless of a woman’s weight, most women appear to be smaller right under their bust-line. Wearing an empire style draws the eyes to the slimmest part of the upper torso.



*Flowy Top and Leggings….Simple….can be casual or dressy…works on all plus sized women regardless of what their height is…And these pieces are inexpensive to purchase and can be found at Marshalls and Target.




*A-line skirts…This is another style that looks good on EVERYONE, especially plus sized women. It cinches the waist and gracefully guides the eyes away from the hip and thigh areas, and is extremely comfortable to wear.



****In conclusion, I hope this article was a helpful guide to you. I encourage you to embrace the shape that you are, instead of always looking to change or improve. Women have so many beautiful features regardless of what the numbers say on the scale or how many inches are in your height total. If you need any help with updating your wardrobe, please contact me!! As always…happy shopping!!!