How to Dress To Highlight Your Best Features!

This is Part 2 of the feature about how to dress to highlight your body type and best features. I continue to receive multiple questions about how to highlight or conceal various body parts, such as the waist, the thighs, the breast areas….etc… So here goes my peeps!!!!

  1. Small Waist….if you tend to be pear shaped, then you want to highlight your waist area ladies! You can do this in the following ways.

*High Waist Pants:



*Peplum Tops:



*Fitted Blazers: These pull in at the waist area, making you look slim and providing a layer in colder weather.



*Wrap Dress:



*Fit and Flare Dress:



*Belts: Belts are a great, inexpensive, simple way to pull in any dress, skirt, shirt or sweater.



2. Hide the Stomach Area…this is by far the MOST common area I get questions about…Regardless of what you weigh, there are days that ALL women hate their stomachs and/or feel a bit bloated!!! Generally, if this is an area you prefer not to draw attention to, then you should typically avoid tight fitting tops and choose the following items instead.

*Tunic Tops:



*Asymmetrical Tops & Leggings:






*Long, Loose Cardigans:



*Loose Tank & Blazer:



*Off The Shoulder Shirts: This draws the eye to the shoulders automatically…hence away from the abdomen area.



3. Conceal Hips & Thighs….As petite as I am, I definitely have the Italian style hips and thighs…therefore, I am definitely an expert on dressing for this body shape if anyone out there needs assistance!!!!

*Wide Leg trousers:



I am loving the 70’s revival of the wide-leg trousers!! They are super comfy to wear as well!!!




*A-line skirts:



*Darker Denim:



*Vertical Striped Pants:



*Maxi Dress:



And yes…with a great tailor…you can wear a maxi dress if you are under 5’4″!!!


*Body Con Dresses: Flaunt what you got ladies and show those curves from time to time!!!!



*Tanks and Joggers: This has been one of my favorite ways to dress for my shape the past year because it is flattering and comfortable!





3. Small Breasts…..yet again…. this is a topic I am very familiar with and I must say….I have never wished to have a different sized chest….if I did, I would take steps to change that if you catch my drift…In my eyes, I just embraced the small chest and put the spin on it that it is my “thin” part of my body since my hips and thighs are definitely bigger!! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I get frustrated that certain shirts and tops do not flatter me unless I wear a thickly padded bra, etc but I have learned that the following tops always work….no matter what bra you are wearing.





*Crop Tops: This draws the attention to the stomach area, away from the chest.




Bralette: Although they make bralettes for all sized breasts, smaller sizes can literally find these anywhere in all colors and patterns, and they are super trendy.



High neck Tops: Draws the attention to the neck and not the chest area.



Horizontal Stripes: This type of stripe creates a widening look, which can make your chest appear a bit fuller.




4. Bigger Busted Women: There are SO MANY styles women with larger bust sizes can wear to flaunt their assets!!! Many women tend to wear the same style tops because they feel they have to cover up their boobs….not the case!!! Here we go!!

*Cowl Neck: This style drapes the chest beautifully.



*V-neck: Where a smaller busted woman should avoid this cut, a larger chested woman should embrace this!!!



*Scoop neck:



*Shift Dresses:



*Tank tops with larger straps for extra support and lift:



*Camisole: If you want a sexy look, wear a camisole and show a little cleavage girlfriend!!!



*****I truly hope this article was helpful and allowed you to embrace your body type and assets and shop without stress. If you would like further help, please email me at with the title “Shopping Help”