Versatility of a Leather skirt….

Back a few months ago, I wrote an article about the versatility of leather leggings. I pulled out my leather skirt to wear a few weeks ago, which made me think of my article on leather leggings, which then made me think about all of the different looks I can do with a leather skirt. I recently collaborated with Katie Murphy, the owner of Madison Ave. in Melrose, who agreed with my philosophy about the versatility of a leather skirt and we came up with the following ideas!

  1. Graphic T-shirts…this is when you want to keep it casual with a funky, fashion sense. Works for all ages…from teens to women in their 40s.


Check out this adorable graphic t-shirt from Madison Ave.



2. Blouse or Tank…..sleek and sexy…love this look with a front tuck…


Check out this lace blouse from Madison Ave paired with a leather skirt…



Or this loose fitting tank….dressed up with heels and a necklace…



Or this gorgeous velvet blouse—perfect for the holidays….especially paired with the fur wrap…


3. With Plaid shirts…again this is perfect for a casual look…or you can dress it up with heels and accessories.


How cute is this plaid shirt from Madison Ave. Melrose…



4. Jean shirts…denim and leather always make a great pair!


5. Bodysuit…definitely a look for evening and dress up….works on all sized women!


6. Sweaters….these are two perfect items to pair together when it is cold out and you have somewhere to go….but you need some style!!! Add tights or a blouse under your sweater for layering and you are good to go!


If you have not checked out Madison Ave. in Melrose….it is a must that you do so. She has a rockin boutique and an amazing instagram page that I follow hourly!!

As always…if you need assistance locating an item or help shopping, please reach out to me via social media or email!