Tulle Skirts….

I am a girly-girl by heart…..and a former ballet dancer…..so naturally I am drawn to tulle skirts….


I actually bought a tulle skirt last year and wore it for Christmas Eve before they became as trendy as they are now.


…yes some people loved it and some people gave me a “Do you really have a tulle skirt on?” kind of look…..fast forward a year and a ton of stores are now showcasing them.

NOW MOST IMPORTANT….Everyone can wear this style skirt…I promise…you will see what I mean when you start scrolling through the photos in the article. They have all different lengths and various “thickness” of tulle. The A-line, flared style of this skirt is UNIVERSALLY flattering….meaning it looks good on women of all heights and weights. Really—–it does!

Here are some ways to style a tulle skirt for the holidays…

Turtleneck: Very Audrey Hepburn like…


Long Sleeve T-shirt or cotton sweater…keep it simple and let the skirt speak for itself.



Tank Top…again….simple….letting the skirt speak for itself…



***I should add, that I think a statement necklace looks great paired with a plain top and tulle skirt….



*For more casual/semi-dressy looks pair a tulle skirt with the following tops…




Solid-colored blouse:



Graphic T-shirts:


Leather Jacket:


Festive Plaid Shirt:



If you google “tulle skirt”, a ton will come up!! I got mine on Amazon, but I recently found some great ones at Charlotte Russe and Kohl’s.



I think the two above are actually perfect for all…knee length with tulle that is not so overwhelming.

If you want to try some tulle…but feel unsure…don’t!!! I believe the month of December gives everyone permission to step out of their comfort zones and try something sparkly, metallic, shimmery, or ……well tulle! Happy shopping!