The ONE boot you need to buy this fall/winter…

Although I am obsessed with bargain hunting….I do believe in investing money into certain items that you need to last awhile…such as a good, all-weather boot. It may seem early to be thinking about wearing boots for snow and ice, but if you wait until it actually snows then all of the GOOD boots will be sold out in the Boston area! Any New Englander would agree, I am sure…you just really need a well-made coat and sturdy boots!!! With that said…..I hate ugly, winter snow boots…..Last year, I fell in love with the Sorel Joan of Arctic boot.



They were stylish with the fur on top, but practical for the weather and the hockey rinks…..however, there is one problem with this style….You are limited to wearing leggings or a skinny pant with them…..and this year flared jeans are very trendy…..hmmmmm what is a girl to do??? So I went on a little mission to find another boot. Once again….Sorel to the rescue!!! Sorel makes all-weather, waterproof, wedge boots!! They do not even look like a winter boot!!! I love the wedge style because they are so versatile, and they look great with flares, leggings, cuffed jeans…etc….I found mine at Nordstrom.


Are they a little pricey…yup…did we all pay this price for Uggs that get ruined in two seconds when it rains and snow……yup….Will they last for more than one year…..definitely….I have one pair of Sorel snow boots I bought two winters ago that are still going strong! I chose to buy the tan and black color because they will match anything and everything. Sorel also makes a wedge, all-weather style that comes with buckles. I love them both!!


As I said before..these boots look great with cuffed jeans:


With skinny pants:


With leggings:


Even with a skirt:


Another reason why I LOVED these boots is because I am all about versatility as a mom and buying items that work from day to night….I know I can put these boots on in the morning and go to my son’s hockey game, then run some errands, and head out to dinner and drinks while looking appropriate for the weather…yet chic….so go ahead and make the leap to splurge on these boots and jump into winter!