Winter Boot Trends

I love love love winter boots….all kinds….all colors….all styles. They look good with leggings, jeans, skirts, and dresses…..basically anything and everything! Here are the top boot trends for 2023. 2. Python: 3. Disco: 4. Lug soles: 5. Shearling: 6. Thigh boots: Happy Shopping!

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How to Wear Lug Sole Boots…

Coming at ya from 2002…..the combat/lug sole boot. They are definitely edgy and a little intimidating to wear for some. Here are some chic ways to wear your lug sole boots, which are totally practical for the winter by the way! With Denim: 2. With a Dress or a Skirt: 3. With Leggings: 4. My […]

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Boot Trends….

I love boots…..In fact, they may be my favorite shoe to wear and definitely that is what I tend to buy the most of! Here are the boot trends for the upcoming winter 2022. 1.Bold: 2. Knee High: 3. Combat: 4. Cowboy: 5. Slouchy: 6. Platform: 7. White: Happy Boot Shopping!

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How to Wear Combat Boots?????

Picture it….1995 ……combat boots were all the rage. I remember wearing chunky boots and my Italian grandfather saying….why are you wearing men’s boots? Lol…….Well, they are back!!! They are actually very comfortable to wear too. Here are my suggestions on some modern and trendy ways to wear combat boots. Pair with a dress: 2. With […]

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Ankle Boot Mania

The block heel ankle boot is by far the most popular boot around currently. They are sleek, polished, and ultra comfy. Here are some ways to style them. Leggings or sleek pants: 2. Distressed Jeans: 3. Dress: I am loving ankle booties with a dress and tights: Or a sweater dress especially: 4. Cropped denim […]

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Winter Boot Trends….

Who doesn’t love wearing boots in the winter? Now that I think about it, I don’t know any girls actually who don’t go on a hunt for new winter boots every year. Here is what is trending now for Winter 2021. Lots of repeat styles actually from last season! White booties: 2. Over the Knee […]

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What Boots You Need Now!!!!

Most people I know love to go boot shopping. They are versatile and there are numerous options of heel heights, shapes, colors, etc. to choose from. If you are looking to “up” your boot game this Fall, here is what is trending now. Patchwork: 2. Scrunch Boots: 3. Combat Style: 4. Black Heel Ankle Bootie: […]

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