Grey is the New Black…

Have you noticed lately there are 50 shades of grey everywhere…..and I am not talking about the book or the movie either….Grey has taken over the fashion runways and all of the stores recently. In fact, there has even been a report that grey t-shirt sales keep rising! I understand why….grey is a neutral shade…grey matches almost every single color….and grey is a great backdrop for prints, sparkles, and ornate clothing details.

Interestingly enough, there is a new term out there in the fashion world called “groutfit.” This term refers to outfits that are all grey…get it…kinda cute right? Slowly, but surely…all grey outfits are replacing “all black everything” outfits. (although I do still love to wear all black from time to time)

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear the color grey in my wardrobe 🙂

  1. With pale or blush pink… super soft and “girly” combination…

2. Grey and silver….love this combo for at night and metallics are super trendy currently!


3. Grey pants (we own a ton of black pants so why not buy grey as a base pair for your wardrobe?)


4. Grey and purple…the bright purple color pops against the grey!


5. Grey top and white pants…..wear year round if you wear grey boots….you just see the pop of white…



6. Grey and black….obviously works 🙂


7. Grey and red….love grey…and red is my fave color…so this is a win-win for me….


8. Grey and navy…I think we all own something navy, but we tend not to wear it as much because it just “doesn’t go” with our easily accessible black pants in the closet….well…it definitely goes with grey!


9. Grey pants and black blazer=classic!


10. Grey on grey denim….


11. Grey boots


12. Grey scarves


13. Grey coats



Here is me sporting my grey 🙂


Go ahead and start shopping for your “groutfits”!!!!!!!!