My top ten latest favorite things…

I get asked a lot of random questions about different products I buy…or what I am loving new for Fall that I think is great….so I thought I would share a few of the items I have fallen in love with recently that I find myself reaching for a lot!!!

  1. Opi “Icelanded a Bottle of OPI”




I am obsessed with this color! Although I love dark colors in Fall and Winter….I am not always quite ready to make the switch just yet, so this color is perfect. It matches everything because it is sort of grey and sort of beige.


2. Lululemon Align Pants




I mean I do not even know where to begin, but they are definitely my favorite legging. They feel amazing and are super soft! They come in a ton of colors (I bought black and grey). They are high waisted, which flatters everyone’s stomach area. They have a certain “v dip” design in the back that also flatters everyone’s rear end….and they come in a ton of colors!! I wear them to work out…I wear them to the rink…I wear them out with long tops and heels or boots….I wear them teaching…I would honestly wear them everyday if I didn’t enjoy mixing up my wardrobe so much! They are super versatile! Best $100 I spent all fall!!! If you want to take a shot, sometimes you can find these on ebay… brand new…with the tags on for around $50!


3. Marc Jacobs eyeliner




This eyeliner glides on with a cooling sensation and lasts ALL day! I actually bought it in an olive green. Olive green goes great with all the bronze make up looks and gold or khaki green clothes that are in this fall! Olive green is actually a great color for all eyes and hair colors and it adds a bit of an edge, while still being a neutral! Try it out!


4. Boots!

I bought these riding boots from amazon…..I love the color..matches everything….they are true to size and super comfortable…..and they are lined with fur!!! A thin layer…but still warm like an Ugg boot! And I love the gold trim on the heel!! Makes a typical riding boot a bit trendy! They are on sale now for less than $30! The brand is called Dream Pairs if anyone is interested in buying them….




5. Bath and Body Works creams

If you are like me….then you like to switch up your scents for fall. My mother has taught me to put cream on my elbows, legs, knees, and feet religiously…every night….since I was like 13 years old. Maybe that is why people say I have good feet? Who knows…but anyways…I get bored using the same scents and like to switch it up. Some of my faves right now to put on are these:




Seriously….leave the bottle of cream near your pajamas and put it on each night….it is like an experiment for Fall and Winter lol….you will reduce your dry skin by over 50%…I am telling you…ok moving on….


6. Softspun camo sweatsuit from the GAP




What can I say…love the colors…love the camo…feels like you are wearing pajamas….stylish jogger look…even looks cute with ankle booties or pointed flats for a more dressy look. I live in this outfit on the weekends!

Here I am!


7. This necklace



This necklace is from Rada in Melrose….It is classic…matches everything….has various metal tones in it so you can wear it with different shades of gold jewelry, as well as silver. It is less than $30, and if you mention my blog you will even get a discount!


8. The fact that Fendi is back

I have always loved Fendi bags…maybe it is because that was my mom’s favorite bag when I was little. Or maybe it is because it is an Italian designer and I am Italian. Or maybe because it goes along with disco, which is my favorite fashion era. Anyhow, Fendi has launched numerous new styles at major retailers lately. I have one small, black Fendi that my grandfather had bought me years ago, but I recently found a vintage one at Madison Ave Melrose which I love!!! Here it is!!! She has amazing designer bags there for insanely, great prices!


9. Silver and gold metallics

What can I say? I love shiny and sparkly things, and the metallic trend is here to stick around for the holidays. I am loving my silver sweater and my gold heels.


10. Jeans with ornate and frayed hems…. my fave pair comes from Aine’s in Reading. Super 70s Super flared Super cool




I hope some of my top ten favorite Fall things…will become some of yours too:)